Monday, 12 September 2011

Project 10 pan (or 11 in my case)...

So I recently bought a new MAC foundation, and as I was putting it into my make up storage, I came across these...

Ergh! WHY did I need to buy another MAC foundation?! WHY?!

I am offcially not buying another foundation until I have used every last drop of these! Full stop.

Foundation is probably one of my favourite products to buy and experiment with, so I am definitely going to miss buying it. But, alas, I need to start saving my money a little more.

For now I'm just going to have to start thinking about which foundation I am going to treat myself with once I've finished...

Lots of Love


Friday, 9 September 2011

Everyone loves a new read...

I always love finding new blogs, so on twitter for the past few days I have been asking beauty bloggers to send me their links for me to find some new gems. I thought I would do a quick post on here, shareing all the links so all of my followers can have a sneak peek too :)

Beauty She Writes is a place for Rhiannon to share her thoughts on all things beauty and girly related...

The lovely Mel from 30 Something Mel shares how she stays fabulous while having 4 kiddies...

Carrie from Not Just Skin Deep Beauty is a Fashion Design Student who has a huge addiction to make up, skin care and the concept of beauty...

Stawberry Blonde Beauty Blog is Nic's little corner to indulge in all things gorgeous...

Never Too Broke For Beauty is a place full of reviews of makeup that is affordable, easily accessible and of a good quality...

Naz from Clouds are Pink wants you to sit back and enjoy her unhealthy obsession with make up and fashion...

Writer of Beauty Bangs Steph is engaged in a love affair with the high street...

Lara tells all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle for the fairest on her blog Aphrodites Apple...

Nykki has recently started blogging on My Mane Blog and wants to share everything shes learnt...

Sophia over at Confessions of a Make Up Lover likes cups of tea and buys way too much make up...

Lots of Love


Mac has arrived at

Just a quick little post to tell you all that the fabulous bargain site has just started stocking MAC! Click on the image below to have a look at what they have with up to 20% off!

I was very excited when I got this in my inbox!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor...

On the subject of Tigi Bed Head, I thought I would share my thoughts on the Dumb Blonde Reconstructor Conditioner, which is made to be used after highlights - although anyone can use it as its just an intensive conditioner.

Now the fact that the Tigi Bed Head shampoo and conditioner in my last review impressed me so much, I was expecting bigger and better things from this intensive conditioner too. I'm a big fan of intensive hair conditioners, and I figured that seen as I have bleached high lights, this would be fabulous.... nahhhahhhh.

It smells nice, and although its quite a thick consistancy, its not too hard to work with. But my hair felt greasy and horrible after using it, and felt like it left a thick film over my hair. It was awful, and I found myself washing my hair again pretty much straight away.

I've tried it a number of different ways, using it as a normal conditioner, using it once a week as an intensive one, keeping it on over night, using a lot, using a little, everything, but it just doesn't seem to be for me.

I don't know whether its me or not, but there does seem to be some pretty positive reviews out there of it - have you tried it? What do you think?

Personally, my hunt for perfect hair continues!

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner...

For a long time I was under the impression that shampoo was there to clean hair, conditioner to make it softer and easier to brush, and it was the treatments and serums that you used that really made the difference to your hairs condition.

That was until I started using the Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditoner.

I had always heard good things about this shampoo, but I never really saw the point in spending so much money on it. So when I saw them on for £15.99 for two salon sized bottles a couple of months ago. I decided to go for it.

Each bottle is 750ml, and when I compared the price and size to my Herbal Essences, it didn't actually work out that much more, which I was happy about.

These sets come in 3 different strengths depending on what kind of condition your hair are in. I opted for the most intensive ones, and I am very concious that bleaching my hair is definitely having a negative effect on my hair.

So what do they say?

'Urban Anti-Dotes, Resurrection Shampoo and Conditoner is designed for weak brittle hair which needs some extra attention! Micro shields boost strength and stamina creating great results.Resurrection shampoo and Conditoner will cleanse, condition and thicken hair, help prevent colour fading and adds a thermal protection, detangles and smooths cuticle, hair will be 3x stronger and 12x smoother.'

This is the most amazing product I have ever used on my hair. It smells really good, and leaves my hair so UNBELIEVABLE soft, I literally can't stop touching it. It makes my hair look bright and shiney, and doesn't leave any stickyness. The best thing is it is used just like your regular shampoo and conditioner, so there's no waiting around.

The bottles are pretty big and bulking, and are nothing to write home about on the looks front, but they have a very useful pump, meaning your not fannying about squeezing too much out of the bottle.

Cheapsmells stock several different types of twin sets, and every now and then have them on offer - this week being one of those times :)

Each of the discriptions for the different types are fairly specific, so go have a read through them and find the right one for you!
Although its a fairly big payout, it works out roughly the same as drugstore shampoos, and is so worth it. I don't think I could use another shampoo again.

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hey everyone!

I hope your all very well! It feels very strange being on here, it feels like its been years! I decided to give myself abit of time off from all forms of technology - you have probably noticed I haven't been on here or twitter too much at all in the past month or so.

Without boring you too much - and I no I kind of touched on it a couple of posts ago - a lot has been going on with me over the past couple of months, both good and bad, and I really try and put my all into my blogging, but I just felt I couldn't, so I decided to just take a step back for a little while.

But I'm back now and ready for a fresh start, both in my life and my blog :)

Firstly the blog - you will notice that it has got a bit of a new look. I felt that my blog got a bit messy and a bit child like, so I wanted to go for a cleaner, simpler look, thats a little more grown up. Let me know what you think!

Next my life - I've been living with my parents for the past few months, but I am going back to uni at the end of september, so next week I will be moving into my new house. I'm really looking forward to seeing all my lovely housemates again, and as much as I love living at home, it can get pretty manic at times, so it will be nice to have my own space again.

I finished my bar job last week in preperation for starting a new job nearer to where I live. Last year I traveled back to my home town EVERY weekend to work, and although I loved it there, and it gave me chance to see the boy a lot, the travelling took its toll and I felt as though I missed out on a lot in leeds. I have an exciting new job working, which I will tell you more about later, and it is only a 10 minute train ride away from my house. It may mean that I see the boy less, but we're so strong at the moment , we will definitely make it work!

Thanks to all of this change, now also felt like the right time to start blogging again.

I have lots of things coming up, including my first giveaway to celebrate getting to (over) 100 followers aswell as my return.

I've been out of the loop for so long - I want to know what you've all been up to!

Lots of Love


PS have any of you tried out the new blogger yet? just doing my first post on it now, its so strange! What do you guys think?


Sunday, 24 July 2011

I'm sorry I can't reply :(

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to pop a quick post up to say I'm sorry that I haven't been replying to any of your fabulous comments you've been leaving. For the past few months blogger has not been letting me comment on any blogs at all, including my own, which is really annoying! So please don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm not. I love reading your comments, so please keep leaving them!

Remember you can always email me, or get in touch via Twitter.

So sorry again, I love you all so much, and thank you for all of your lovely comments!
Lots of Love


Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Current Skin Care Routine...

I changed and up dated my skin care routine just about 3 months ago now, and my skin ha never felt better.

Before, I kind of didn't really have a set skincare routine, and my skin was really hit and miss, so I decided it was time that I got myself into a good morning and night routine, and I've never looked back! At first I was testing out different products and combanations, and about 2 months ago I cracked it, and have been using the same products ever since.


I'm sure most of you who are regular blog readers and youtubers will have heard of Cetaphil. I had been wanting to try it, but wasn't overly bothered as it was something that I thought I could only buy on the internet in big bottles, and wasn't too bothered about shelling out on a product that I may or may not like. But I spyed this in Asda when I was doing my weekly shop for just £4. I grabbed myself a bottle and I am sooo glad I did! It is a really gentle cleanser, but not to the point where you feel like its not doing anything, as it got rid of all my make up and leaves a clean smooth base. I use it without water every night before bed, but it can be used with water as well. I don't like to overly cleanse as I worry that it may dry out my skin, so I tend to just use this in the evening, but not in the morning.


I wanted to try out the new products that Clarins have released specifically for people aged from 18 to their late 20's. I was really pleased to see they had released this, as I don't think there are enough options out there for people with younger skin. I bought this starter kit from boots for £19.50 which gave you a full sized Daily Energizer Moisturiser (which is worth £19.50 and I will mention in a minute) and a sample size Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and a sample size Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster. I haven't used the Cleansing Gel as I have been so happy with the Cetaphil, but I have fallen hook line and sinker for the Wake-Up Booster. Clarins claim that this will 'toning green'coffee-charged skin tonic will give your skin a shot of rediance' and it does't half work! It instantly makes your skin feel refreshed, as well as brightening and evening out your skin. It is JUST amazing and probably one of my favourite skin products I have ever come across.


Serum is something that I have never really thought about before. I decided to go for a No 7 Serum with the recent £5 vouchers they had, so went for their Pore Refining Serum, £13. I wasn't expecting amazing results with this, and I can't say that my pores have magically disapeared, but that are less noticable, and it leaves my skin lovely a soft and even. I'm not sure whether this would be a repurchased item, and I am very much still testing it out, but it definitely doesn't cause me any offence. You only need to use a tiny bit, so the bottle is going to last me for ages, which is definitely a plus.

Day Cream

As mentioned above, I have been using the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream. Made for all skin types, its lovely and light so it doesn't feel as though your clogging up your face, it applies really well and feels beautiful on the skin.

Night Cream

I think I can defintely say I am a Clarins convert as I have been using their Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream, for Normal to Dry Skin. I love this as it smells of sun cream (random I know) and its really thick and luxurious on the skin, making me go to sleep thinking its really going to do some good in the night. I wake up and my skin feels fresh and clean, and ready for a sweep of Wake-Up Booster.

Skin Care is something that I have never really spent any time or effort in. Although I have invested a little more money in it over the past few months, it has really paid off and has definitely been worth it. Having good skin makes a huge difference. I don't feel the need to wear as much make up, it goes on a lot better, and I feel more confident about my skin and don't feel like I have to hide it as much as I used to.

Fewwww that was a long one, I hope your all still with me!
Lots of Love


Monday, 11 July 2011

Cosmopolitan's Best 50 Beauty Tips Ever...

I was flicking through this months Cosmopolitan and found a really great feature on the 50 best beauty tips ever. They've asked 50 beauty experts what their number 1 tip is, and theres some really good ones in there. I won't share them all, as I don't want to ruin them all for those of you who buy the mag, but heres my top picks.

'Always apply your body cream after your chosen fragrance, as it will lock it in place and make the scent last longer.'
Roja Dove, Perfumer

'Never use too much product on your hair. No matter how many times I tell clients, models and celebrities, they STILL put too much on. Aim for a 10p sized blob of shampoo or conditioner and a 5p sized blob is enough for serum. Remember, less is more!'
Phil Smith, Award Winning hairdresser

Protein in natural yogurt can soften dry hair, making it a cheap intensive mask.'
Desmond Murray, care and style ambassador, Wella Professional

'Dry at least 70% of the moisture from your hair before applying any mousse or blow-dry spray. The wetter the hair, the more diluted the product, so the performance is reduced.'
Michael Douglas, Creative Director, Silvikrin

'I love to mix any blush colour with a little luminous pressed powder before I apply it, in order to get a really blendable, super translucent finish.'
Frederic Letailleur, European make up artist, YSL

'When putting your hair up, always spray your hair grips with hairspray before putting them in. This will make them sticky, securing them for longer.'
Adam Reed, Creative Director, Percy and Reed

'If your a natural brunette and your colour has faded in the sun, saturate it with a can of cola after washing - it will even out the fade. Rinse and five minutes, then condition.'
Carolyn Newman, colour and art team director, Charles Worthington

'Turn lifeless hair into a sexy, voluminous 'do by simply flipping your head upside down and, with your fingertips, massaging the scalp in small, circular motions for up to a minute. You will have gorgeously big hair and a natural backcombing effect instantly.'
Jennie Roberts, Celebrity hairstylist to Kate Winslet and Emily Blunt

'A little bit of caffiene every day (one or two cups of coffee) can help decrease the puffiness under your eyes.'
Dr Brandt, Cosmetic dermatologist

'Once a week, seperate your hair into five sections, apply a replenishing masque and fold each section into foil packets. Apply the heat of straightening irons to the foils for a few momentas to activate the product and open the pores of the hair for easier penetration. Then simply rinse out.'
Alain Pichon, Hairstylist, Loreal Paris

'Releasing tension from the neck - and mind - is crucual, as all the tension we hold reflects on our face. Massage will take 10 years off your looks.;
Vaishaly Patel, Facialist

'Remember that leave on products will have more impact than wash off products. So economise on things like cleanser and splurgew on products like antioxidant serums, where you get what you pay for.'
 Dr Sam Bunting, Cosmetic Dermatologist

I hope some of these helped - I learnt lots from them and will definitely be trying some out!

I get Cosmo every month and love it. This month they have dubbed it 'The Best Ever', with lots of 'The Best Of' features inside. Go get yourself a copy and have a flick through!

Lots of Love


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Eyebrow Threading...

So today I went to Darlington with my Mum for a bit of lunch and a catch up. I've only ever driven through before, so didn't know what it would be like, but it was quite a pretty little town.

We were inside the shopping centre they have there, and there was a little stand with a lady who was doing facial threading. I have never had anything threaded before, but I've heard good things about it. My eyebrows are in need of a wax, so I decided to get them threaded instead. And I absolutely loved it. I don't think I will ever get my eyebrows waxed ever again! It took a quarter of the time to do, there was no mess from wax and creams, so tweezing needed to neated them up afterwards, and only cost me £5 compared to the £8 I usually pay.

I was so so impressed by it and they feel lovely and soft with no redness.

The pain, although different from waxing pain, was about the same, you did still feel it, but didn't hurt anymore than you would expect.

How many of you have tried threading? Did you love it?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hello lovelies!

Just a quick little blog post to let you all know I am back from the most amazing holiday in the world! We had a fabulous time, and I just wish I could be back there now! I don't have photos at the moment, but as soon as I have them I will pop some up and share my storie (if your interested)

I just wanted to do a quick post to say hello, say thank you to Ms Red and Fashion Freak for their guest posts, and to let you know I will be back to my full blogging self very soon. It may be a bit disjointed for a while - my boyfriend is going through a bit of a hard time at the moment - I won't bore you with the details, but he needs me. However I have some fabulous posts of the horizon, as well as my FIRST EVER giveaway, so I am really excited to be back!

Love you all lots, speak soon!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Guest Post - Say Hello To Yellow With The Fashion Freak...

I have another fabulous guest post for you today. This time I have the lovely lady Claire from The Fashion Freak. I think Claires blog was one of the first ones that I started to follow, I still go back all the time to see whats new. She has done a great post about the recent yellow nail trend, which I have to say, I am a follower of myself!

Say hello to yellow

It's Summer 2011. BBQs, ice-cream and days on the beach spring to mind. But fashion-wise, when it came to thinking about my summer wardrobe, I thought colour-blocking, acid brights and sunshine. For me, this meant only one thing. Yellow!

But as I thought more about it, I realised that despite the colour’s summery feel, it’s not often you see a bright yellow bikini by the pool or a pale lemon dress whilst out for dinner. And really, I felt rather nervous at the thought of putting anything remotely yellow on my not-quite-summer-ready-body.

As much as I love Jil Sander, Lanvin and Marc by Marc Jacobs’ offerings on the catwalk this season, for me (and probably a lot of you too) it’s a little too well, yellow, for me.

But when I heard of the ‘yellow nails’ trend, I summoned up the courage to give it a go. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t stretch to the £17.50 Limited Edition Mimosa polish from Chanel so instead I headed to trusty Barry M and choose the shade ‘Lemon Icecream’. If Katy Perry and Rihanna could pull it off, so could I right?

And I have to say, I think I can. I might not be quite ready for Marc by Marc Jacobs’ sunshine yellow dress but I think yellow nails are fun. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen on full-on plain yellow so I added OPI’s Black Shatter to ease myself in but I think it makes it a bit more interesting.

What do you think? Will you be giving the ‘yellow nails’ trend a go?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Soap and Glory Hocus Focus Review (or not)...

I was really excited to try this product, so when I saw it half price on asos (I can't find it anymore :() it was meant to be. This is a highlighting cream from Soap and Glory that can be put straight onto the face, so mixed with your foundation to give you a nice glow. I thought it would be perfect for summer.

What do they say?

'What is Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Lotion?

A BLAST OF BRILLIANCE FOR TIRED SKIN! An INSTANT visual flaw-softening lotion with long-wearing LIGHTSCRAMBLE™ lumispheres. Contains a delicate hint of our popular Rose & Bergamot fragrance.

How do you dew it?

Use Hocus Focus alone as a cheekbone highlighter, mixed with moisturiser as a gorgeous skin brightener, or blend 2-3 pumps into your foundation (for a youthful, dewy, luminous look).
Can be used in conjunction with Catch a Wrinkle in Time daily moisturiser.'

So I don't want this to be a review yet - I want it to be kind of an 'update'. As it stands, I'm not all that into this product, but I really WANT to love it, so I'm going to continue using it a little longer. Everything on the packaging screams out for me to love it, but so far, I really can't see it making any difference. I've put it on on its own and it just kind of makes me shiney and greasy looking. I've mixed it with moisturiser, and it doesn't really make much difference, I've mixed it with my foundation, and again, not much difference. Maybe its me. Maybe I'm using it in the wrong way. Anyone got any tips? I want to love it I really really do. Usually at this point I would have given up on a product but I'm going to stick it out a little longer.

I want to end this on a positive note... it smells fabulous :)

To be Continued...

Lots of Love


Monday, 20 June 2011

Guest Post - The A - Z of Ms Red...

I'm very excited to have my first guest post today! Ms Red, of Ms Reds Beauty Blog is one of my favourite bloggers. She is honest and up front, has a range of different posts, and is a great writer. But more importantly she is a very lovely lady!

So for those of you that don't know of her, she has kindly written an A - Z of all things Ms Red...

Well, this is my first ever guest post and when the lovely Lola Rose asked me to do one for her blog I was both excited and nervous, excited for being asked and nervous because I had NO idea what to talk about.

But then I saw a post on Liloo's blog and I thought it might be the perfect thing.

The A-Z of me.

So here we go..
A. Age:

And that's neither here nor there... If it helps I was born before the Internet and before CD's took over from tapes, I remember only 4 channels on the TV and you had to 'get up' off your bum to change channels/volume.

B. Bed size:

Nosy people, but it's a standard double bed.

C. Chore you hate:

Ironing... with a passion.

D. Day:

The day I wrote this was a Thursday.

E. Essential start to your day:
Tea, I have to have a cup of tea or I'm not human.

F. Favorite colour:

Red, giveaway's in my name.

G. Gold or Silver:
Silver, or white gold. I just don't do yellow gold.

H. Height:
Six foot in bare feet. (Yes tall)

I. Instruments:

Well I play a mean recorder lol. Other than that I can bang out a tune on a keyboard just about and to the eternal disappointment of my grandfather who plays the sax, flute, clarinet and keyboard.

J. Job title:
Lab Rat

K. Kids:

Does my cat or boyfriend count? No?
In that case none at the moment and likely none for some time to come.

L. Live:

In South Wales, although I hale from Birmingham.

M. Mom’s name:
Mum or mummy if I'm feeling childish.

N. Nicknames:

Ms Red, Angel, Crumblestein (don't ask)

O. Overnight hospital stays:

Yeah never again, they thought I had appendicitis.. I didn't but whatever I did have wrong HURT.

P. Pet peeve:

How long you got? Slow people when I'm in a hurry, doddery old people doddering in my way. Woman with prams blocking pavements/aisles... I could go on.

Q. Quote from a movie:
'Are you afraid of the dark?' - Pitch Black, brilliant film.

R. Right or left handed:
Right, although there's a lot I can do with my left.

S. Siblings:

A brother, although he won't talk to me as he disapproves of me living with my boyfriend unmarried.

T. Time you wake up:

As late as I possibly can. My alarm goes off at 7am, I generally roll out of bed in a panic at 8am.

U. Underwear:

Plain, black, cotton, comfortable.

V. Vegetables you dislike:

Parsnips & Cauliflower... ewwww.
W. What makes you run late:


X. X-Rays you've had:

Where do I start?
Nose, ankle, hip, back, arms, neck...

Y. Yummy food you make: .

I can make a mean curry, and something called Grandma Cake, my nans recipe I adapted.

Z. Zoo:

I haven't been to the zoo in a couple of years, but we used to go quite often when I was little.

I do hope that interested a few, and I must say many thanks to Lola Rose for asking me to guest post on her lovely blog.

Ms Red


Friday, 17 June 2011

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara Review...

There are so many mascaras coming out like this at the moment, I decided I needed to try one. With the likes of Mac bringing one out, drugstroe brands are picking up on it and bringing out their own cheaper version. I opted for the Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara, currently priced at £5.99 in Boots.

The idea is that it is one mascara that offers you two looks - one for longer more defined lashes, and the other to pump up the volume.

What do Rimmel have to say?

'Introducing Day-2-Night, Rimmel’s unbeatable new mascara that creates 2 dramatically different lash looks, all with 1 amazing new system. The secret is the magic double cap!
1.Choose the Length cap in the day for exceptionally defined, ultra- lengthened lashes. Lashes are stretched to new distances.
2.Choose the Volume cap at night for up to 15X fuller lashes. Thickens lashes with voluptuous, oversized volume without a clump in sight.
Now, the magic double cap gives you the power to create a perfect lash look, day or night!'
I wasn't wowwed by this product, but then again, I don't think I was really expecting to be. The mascara is good, I give it that, and for the price you can't really go wrong, but I'm not entirely sure it does what it says on the tin...

On the left eye I have the 'day' look of longer more defined lashes and on the right eye I have the 'night' look with more volume. Granted you can see a slight difference in the eyes, my right eye looking heavier with mascara and a little more dense, but I did this in the morning when first applying my make up, and went out all day, not worrying that my eyes may look odd. I don't really think the lashes on my left eye look particularly any longer, although it is less clumpy.
Night look

Day Look

Nahh I'm still not seeing it. I like the idea of the mascara, and I can see how it kind of works, but not the the point where I could have two different mascaras on - just maybe that I have spent more time layering one set of lashes than I did another, which, lets face it, can be done with any mascara.

Having said all of this, I'm still going to stick with saying it is a good mascara and I have used it quite a lot since buying it. Just not really for what it is meant to be used for.
Lots of Love


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Holiday Packing...

So today is the long awaited day that I go on holiday for 2 WHOOLLEEE weeks! I've so so looking forward to this all year, and now that I have uni out of the way until september, I feel that I am definitely in need of a break.

I just thought I would share a few of the things I have packed.


So I put my cleanser, toner and moisturiser into these stacking tubs (which have actually started leeking now so I've wrapped them up in tape. I've gone for quite light products as I won't be wearing much make up and I hate my face feeling clogged up when I'm in the sun.

I've also packed these 2 hand rubs, which were on discount in superdrug and smell a lot nice than your usually suspects!

We needed a lot of suncream as we are going for two weeks, so I decided to go for the Asda branded suncream. I remember watching something last year where they tried and tested lots of suncreams, and the Asda branded stuff came out top over a lot of higher end products. It was on offer in Asda at 2 for £5, which is an amazing bargain, so I stocked up on lots of it!

I also went for my favourite Vasaline Aloe Vera body lotion as an after sun - mostly because the smells reminds me of all the holidays I've been on and makes me smile (you know me and my smells)


I've packed my Tigi Smoothing Lusterizer and my Lee Stafford Argan oil as the combernation of these two make my hair feel AMAZING! I must also say that since I have been using the Argan Oil, my hair is so much stonger meaning it has had the chance to grow a lot more. This product is definitely a keeper!

I packed my Aussie Leave in conditioner to help my hair recover from the sun, sea and swimming pool, as well as a few Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioners to slap on a couple of times. With my hair being bleached, it needs as much help in the sun as it can get at as it dries out so easily.

I was advised by my hairdresser to buy these products to take the chlorine out of my hair after a day in the pool (I am at high risk of getting green hair :() she says that although it doesn't work very well at conditioning hair, and another shampoo is needed, it works really well to get the chlorine out. I also got the mask to put on as a sort of leave in conitioner in the mornings to try and stop my hair from going green in the first place. I love going in the pool so I'd hate to not be able to just because of my hair.

Make up

I've packed 2 recent purchase that I have been so impressed with - the Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation and the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer. I think the combernation of these two, a bit of mascara and a bit of lip gloss will be all I will be wearing some evenings - I'm all for a lot less is more on holiday.

Heres a slection of the bronzers and blushers I have packed, as well as my Ruby & Millie Illuminating cream and my Collection 2000 Concealer.

I have packed my max factor mascara, Benefit Bright Eye and Collection 2000 Felt tip eske eyeliner for easy eyes, a couple of lipglosses and lipsticks, as well as, of course, the Naked Palette.

Heres hoping the boys got some room for my stuff in his case as well...

Lots of Holiday Love


Monday, 13 June 2011

Max Factor New Smooth Effect Foundation Review...

So I bought this foundation as I have seen lots of adverts for it recently in magazines, and as I was browsing around superdrug, I saw that it had an introductory price of £5.99 rather than £7.99, so it seemed the perfect time to buy it.

What do Max Factor say about their new foundation?

'Did you know that the make-up artist secret to create a perfect colour make-up look is a flawless foundation look? The smoother the canvas, the better the colour results. Introducing new Smooth Effect Foundation from Max Factor. It gives you a smooth, even finish – the perfect canvas for a great make-up look!'

I would say this foundation had a light to medium coverage. I usually prefer more of a full coverage, but this one seems to make my skin so flawless, and yet I feel like I have nothing on my face at all. It blends in with my stippling brush like a DREAM, literally as if it is melting into nothing in your skin, and you only need a tiny bit to cover your whole face. It completely smooths out my face, and makes it feel lovely. I would probably go as far to describe this as a foundation and a primer in one, although I would still advise wearing a primer underneath to make your make up stick all day. 

I wasn't expecting to be impressed with this foundation really at all, as Max Factor foundations have never been a favourite, but this one is a must in my holiday make up bag, due to how light it feels, but the fabulous coverage it gives.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

While were on this subject, I have been doing a bit of research recently into BB Creams, has anyone tried these or have any recommendations? I'd love to hear your advice!

Lots of Love


Friday, 10 June 2011

Bloggers Forum...

Hey :)

Last week Sarah over at Sarah Sees All decided to set up a bloggers forum, as an alternative place to 'meet' as well as twitter and facebook.

Shes says 'Its a place for discussions and nice chitter chatter no hate or bitchiness'
So click here and get yourselves over there to have a bit of a nosey!

Lots of Love


Monday, 6 June 2011


I haven't done one of these in a while!

Just popped to the shop to get a bit of food, and woooopps I ended up in Superdrug! I just want to apologies at this point for the lack of pound signs in this post - I am on my housemates american laptop right now and she doesn't have a pound sign on it!

So I'm going on holiday in just over a week (eeeek) and I realised just how many bottles I have and how small my weight limit is for my case, so I felt like these bottles would be really useful. They were 2 for 1.99 which I didn't think was too bad.

I had a look at the new VO5 collection and grabbed the Instant Oomph Powder and the Ultimate Hold Hairspray. I didn't particularly need either of them, as I have got plenty of hairspray and I have the Got2be Volume Powder, but I had heard so many good things about this range and they were such a good bargain in Superdrug it was hard to say no. Everything in the range was 2 for 4.49, when I think both of these RRP at around the 4 mark.

I FINALLY got the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer for 6.99, which I cant wait to try out, and I'm excited about the new Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation for 5.99, instead of 7.99.

I love these Collection 2000 nail varnishes, I have a few other colours, and I love how wide the brush is on them. It makes it so easy to apply. I got the colours Big Hair, Lemon Soda and Mint Mojo. There were 1.79 each.

And lastly, I got these hand gels as they were on offer for 49p. I usually hate the smell of them, so I'm hoping these two may be abit better.

Eeeeee I love a good shop!

Lots of Love


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Blogging Blues :(

So I have been really looking forward to today, as it is my first full day I have had to myself all week, and I was planning on putting some posts together for the next week. But someone out there doesn't want this to happen today!

First up I forget to bring my camera to my Mums with me, so I have taken all the pictures I need on my Blackberry...

... which my boyfriend then goes and sits on yesterday, cracking the screen and breaking the phone. All I can see is white with a big black smudge in the middle...

... I am then told by the phone fixing man that it will cost £170 to fix. I have an upgrade due in 3 or 4 months so its just not worth the money. They boy buys me a cheap, very unusual looking phone to keep me happy until then...

... which I would show you a picture of but blogger won't let me upload pictures right now...

... which isn't much of an issue anyway as I can't get the pictures that I took off my blackberry (aswell as all my contacts), and don't have my camera here to retake them...

... blogger is also having issues letting me comment on other peoples posts...

... which isn't much of an issue as I can communicate through twitter...

... but only on my laptop as the app on my new cheap phone for twitter doesn't seem to be working...

... And in half an hour I have to work, so all my readers are going to get out of me today is this stupid post :(

I am now going to go back to bed and feel sorry for myself some more before going to work.

Sort yourself out Blogger, I am not impressed!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Geordie/Jersey Shore inspired FOTD

So most of you have probably if not seen, heard about the new MTV show Geordie Shore, the Newcastle take on the addictively good Jersey Shore.

I used to live in newcastle myself, so I love watching it and it really makes me giggle.

I decided to have a little play about and do my own Geordie Shore look, aaandd this is what I came up with. I was a little disappointed as I am at my parents house at the moment, so didn't have all my make up to hand to play with, but I made the best of what I have.

The look is quite simple really - big, black, over the top make up - and lots of it!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 52 Vanilla
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - 3 Medium
Prestige Skin Loving Gentle Finish Mineral Powder Foundation - 03 Natural
Benefit Dallas
Gosh Giant Sun Powder - 001
MAC MSF - Northern Light
MAC Mineralize Blush - New Vibe
Ruby & Millie Face and Body Metal - Rose Gold
MUA Eye Shadow - Shade 3 Pearl
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner
Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion
Barry M Lip Paint - 146
Ruby & Millie Lipgloss - 42 Twilight

Not gonna lie, don't think its a looking I'm going to rock that often, but I don't think this is anything up to Geordie or Jersey standard! Its definitley missing a good dose of Benefit Hola to crank up the tanage, but thats unfortunately at home :(

Lastly, I know this is gross, but I HAD to show you how much it took to get all that slap off! YUCKKK!

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Clumber Park Hotel and Spa...

I have just had the most fabulous weekend with the boy at Clumber Park Hotel and Spa.

My lovely Mum and Dad bought me a Spa package there for us for my birthday. I've never really been on a Spa break before, so I was really excited.

The Clumber Park Hotel is hidden in Robin Hood country in Nottingham. Included in the deal was two treatments each, a nights stay as well as full use of the spa and gym facilities.

We both opted for head and shoulder massages, and back massages, which were amazing, and we spent the majority of our stay messing around in the pool area, in the out door jacuzzi, and the steam room and sauna. We had a bit of a session in the gym, much to the boys delight, although I have to say I did more messing than working out!

We had a fabulous meal in the evening, in the lovely relaxed restaurant, and the breakfast was ah-maze-ing.

We had such a good break. The staff were so so friendly, the food was yummy and the rooms were lovely.

The only thing that did put a bit of a downer on the weekend was after I chose to get my eyebrows waxed just as we we're about to leave to go home - it burnt my face and has left nasty scabs just below my eyebrows :( it didn't ruin my weekend at all, and I'm sure they will clear up in no time at all. I've had my eyebrows waxed so so much and this has never happened to me, I have to admit, it has put me off a little bit.

All in all it was a perfect weekend with a perfect boy!

Lots of Love