Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Current Skin Care Routine...

I changed and up dated my skin care routine just about 3 months ago now, and my skin ha never felt better.

Before, I kind of didn't really have a set skincare routine, and my skin was really hit and miss, so I decided it was time that I got myself into a good morning and night routine, and I've never looked back! At first I was testing out different products and combanations, and about 2 months ago I cracked it, and have been using the same products ever since.


I'm sure most of you who are regular blog readers and youtubers will have heard of Cetaphil. I had been wanting to try it, but wasn't overly bothered as it was something that I thought I could only buy on the internet in big bottles, and wasn't too bothered about shelling out on a product that I may or may not like. But I spyed this in Asda when I was doing my weekly shop for just £4. I grabbed myself a bottle and I am sooo glad I did! It is a really gentle cleanser, but not to the point where you feel like its not doing anything, as it got rid of all my make up and leaves a clean smooth base. I use it without water every night before bed, but it can be used with water as well. I don't like to overly cleanse as I worry that it may dry out my skin, so I tend to just use this in the evening, but not in the morning.


I wanted to try out the new products that Clarins have released specifically for people aged from 18 to their late 20's. I was really pleased to see they had released this, as I don't think there are enough options out there for people with younger skin. I bought this starter kit from boots for £19.50 which gave you a full sized Daily Energizer Moisturiser (which is worth £19.50 and I will mention in a minute) and a sample size Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and a sample size Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster. I haven't used the Cleansing Gel as I have been so happy with the Cetaphil, but I have fallen hook line and sinker for the Wake-Up Booster. Clarins claim that this will 'toning green'coffee-charged skin tonic will give your skin a shot of rediance' and it does't half work! It instantly makes your skin feel refreshed, as well as brightening and evening out your skin. It is JUST amazing and probably one of my favourite skin products I have ever come across.


Serum is something that I have never really thought about before. I decided to go for a No 7 Serum with the recent £5 vouchers they had, so went for their Pore Refining Serum, £13. I wasn't expecting amazing results with this, and I can't say that my pores have magically disapeared, but that are less noticable, and it leaves my skin lovely a soft and even. I'm not sure whether this would be a repurchased item, and I am very much still testing it out, but it definitely doesn't cause me any offence. You only need to use a tiny bit, so the bottle is going to last me for ages, which is definitely a plus.

Day Cream

As mentioned above, I have been using the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream. Made for all skin types, its lovely and light so it doesn't feel as though your clogging up your face, it applies really well and feels beautiful on the skin.

Night Cream

I think I can defintely say I am a Clarins convert as I have been using their Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream, for Normal to Dry Skin. I love this as it smells of sun cream (random I know) and its really thick and luxurious on the skin, making me go to sleep thinking its really going to do some good in the night. I wake up and my skin feels fresh and clean, and ready for a sweep of Wake-Up Booster.

Skin Care is something that I have never really spent any time or effort in. Although I have invested a little more money in it over the past few months, it has really paid off and has definitely been worth it. Having good skin makes a huge difference. I don't feel the need to wear as much make up, it goes on a lot better, and I feel more confident about my skin and don't feel like I have to hide it as much as I used to.

Fewwww that was a long one, I hope your all still with me!
Lots of Love



  1. I love the clarins night cream too.. and i think it smells of sun cream which makes me happy.


  2. I luv Cetaphil. So gentle. Ever since my dermatologist recommended it I use it every morning. And if I my skin likes it, it stays. Now you got me interested in looking into, again lol, Clarins.

    Great review.

  3. I nominated you for a blog award!

  4. I'm always looking for new products to spend my No7 vouchers on...looks like that Pore Serum may have to be first on my list next time!
    I'm now following you!

  5. You do a good job for your skin and have love for it and so as many all others too love their skin and I would suggest all of them to follow your routine for the best results.Yonka a name in leading skin care range of products.