Monday, 11 July 2011

Cosmopolitan's Best 50 Beauty Tips Ever...

I was flicking through this months Cosmopolitan and found a really great feature on the 50 best beauty tips ever. They've asked 50 beauty experts what their number 1 tip is, and theres some really good ones in there. I won't share them all, as I don't want to ruin them all for those of you who buy the mag, but heres my top picks.

'Always apply your body cream after your chosen fragrance, as it will lock it in place and make the scent last longer.'
Roja Dove, Perfumer

'Never use too much product on your hair. No matter how many times I tell clients, models and celebrities, they STILL put too much on. Aim for a 10p sized blob of shampoo or conditioner and a 5p sized blob is enough for serum. Remember, less is more!'
Phil Smith, Award Winning hairdresser

Protein in natural yogurt can soften dry hair, making it a cheap intensive mask.'
Desmond Murray, care and style ambassador, Wella Professional

'Dry at least 70% of the moisture from your hair before applying any mousse or blow-dry spray. The wetter the hair, the more diluted the product, so the performance is reduced.'
Michael Douglas, Creative Director, Silvikrin

'I love to mix any blush colour with a little luminous pressed powder before I apply it, in order to get a really blendable, super translucent finish.'
Frederic Letailleur, European make up artist, YSL

'When putting your hair up, always spray your hair grips with hairspray before putting them in. This will make them sticky, securing them for longer.'
Adam Reed, Creative Director, Percy and Reed

'If your a natural brunette and your colour has faded in the sun, saturate it with a can of cola after washing - it will even out the fade. Rinse and five minutes, then condition.'
Carolyn Newman, colour and art team director, Charles Worthington

'Turn lifeless hair into a sexy, voluminous 'do by simply flipping your head upside down and, with your fingertips, massaging the scalp in small, circular motions for up to a minute. You will have gorgeously big hair and a natural backcombing effect instantly.'
Jennie Roberts, Celebrity hairstylist to Kate Winslet and Emily Blunt

'A little bit of caffiene every day (one or two cups of coffee) can help decrease the puffiness under your eyes.'
Dr Brandt, Cosmetic dermatologist

'Once a week, seperate your hair into five sections, apply a replenishing masque and fold each section into foil packets. Apply the heat of straightening irons to the foils for a few momentas to activate the product and open the pores of the hair for easier penetration. Then simply rinse out.'
Alain Pichon, Hairstylist, Loreal Paris

'Releasing tension from the neck - and mind - is crucual, as all the tension we hold reflects on our face. Massage will take 10 years off your looks.;
Vaishaly Patel, Facialist

'Remember that leave on products will have more impact than wash off products. So economise on things like cleanser and splurgew on products like antioxidant serums, where you get what you pay for.'
 Dr Sam Bunting, Cosmetic Dermatologist

I hope some of these helped - I learnt lots from them and will definitely be trying some out!

I get Cosmo every month and love it. This month they have dubbed it 'The Best Ever', with lots of 'The Best Of' features inside. Go get yourself a copy and have a flick through!

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  1. i get it every month too, i love this issue with their 'best of' features x

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  4. I read this in the magazine too! It was very helpful :D

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