Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Most Read Blogs...

I think you'll all agree that theres nothing better than sitting down and having a good old catch up on all of your favourite blogs. I could literally sit here with my laptop for hours and look for new blogs, as well as digging in to all my favourites.

I thought it would be nice to give a few links of my top ten favourite blogs, so that you can all have a read a grow to love them as much as I do.

Very clever, very creative, very very funny - meet the lady behind my FAVOURITE blog.

Let me know what you think of these beautys!

Lots of love


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Friday, 22 April 2011

Another Pretty Dress for Another Pretty Day...

Dress £11.99 New Look
Cardigan £20 Dorothy Perkins
Leggings £3 Primark
Sunglasses £4.99 New Look
Nails, Nailease £5.99 Boots

Lots of Love


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Milk_Shake Glistening Argan Oil Review...

I bought this a couple of months ago in my local salon. I went in with the intention of getting some Moroccan Oil, as my housemate raves about it so much. After a bit of a chat, Debbie, my hairdresser brought this Milk_Shake Glistening Argan Oil to my attention, explaining that they had been trialing both this one and the Moroccan Oil in the salon, and this one had proved to be the most popular of the two. I bought a sample 10ml pot for £3.99, with the 50ml bottles retailing at approximately £16.

The idea is to massage a tiny drop, about the size of a smartie, into damp washed hair from scalp to tip. Milk_Shake say that this conditioning treatment leaves the hair smooth, silky and conditioned with an 'amazing shine'.

The smell of the oil is just amazing. It's a very gentle, subtle smell, almost like that of baby bath products.

When applying it to my hair, especially as I have such thick hair, it felt like it wasn't going anywhere or making any difference. This feeling continued as I brushed it through my hair, as it didn't give that instant softness that you sometimes get from condition treatments, or hair serums.

I first noticed the difference it made when the blow drying time of my hair was reduced significantly. As I was drying it, it seemed to become softer and extremely shiny.

After being styled, my hair felt lovely and really conditioned, but not to the point where it felt like it had left an artificial film over my hair. It feels really natural and fresh, and still very manageable.

I really love this hair product, I really feel like it is doing my hair some good, rather than being gimicky and a one hit wonder. I'm amazed at how long my little tub has lasted me, and how much difference a little tiny drop of it makes. I try not to use it all the time, and I've found that once a week is enough to keep my hair looking and feeling fabulous.

Have any of you tried the Moroccan Oil? Would you recommend I try it?

Lots of Love


Chicks before...

It has just started to hit me, that no matter how hard I try, my boyfriend and my best friend are never going to get on fabulously well. They are ok with each other, which I appriciate, but they will never be the best of chums.

It used to really really upset me that they didn't get on. How was it possible that the two people I love most in the world cannot love each other? I used to hate bringing up either of them in the other ones company, incase it caused a snide comment, or another story about what that person has done wrong.

But recently, as I have started to realise they will never see eye to eye, I've also grown a new attitude towards the entire situation. BALLS TO THEM BOTH!

Tasha is my best friend, my other half, my bumcheek and there is nothing that Russell can do about it.

Russell is the most amazing boy I have ever met, and I really do hope I am with him for a very long time, and Tasha will just have to lump it.

Because at the end of the day I LOVE THEM BOTH MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF, and that's all that matters to me.

If the only thing they have in common is me, then I am HAPPY.

So this one's for you two.

I know you don't love each other.

But I don't care.

I love you.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation Review...


I was advised by my best friend Tasha to try this foundation. I've looked at it a couple of times, but I have been really reluctant to try it. I think it might be the idea of having something on my skin for 25 hours. But it was on offer in Boots for £4.99, Tasha had been going on about how good it was, and I guess really its never going to be on my skin for 25 hours unless I let it - and any other foundation that claims to be long lasting I jump on like theres no tomorrow. I originally went into boots to get the Bourjois Healthy Mix that everyone seems to be raving about, but I found that the shades were all very yellow, and I couldn't really find one that was even close to matching me. Anyone else had this problem?

Anyway on with the review! What do Rimmel Say?

'Want a foundation that lasts as long as you do? Giving a smooth lightweight coverage, Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation leaves skin feeling hydrated all day. The transfer proof and fade proof formula means your foundation now lasts up to 25 hours, for a day that never stops.'

I like the look of the packaging - tall and sleek with the always handy pump to despense the foundation.

I got this in Ivory. The colour match is really good, I'm realy impressed with it.

The formula of the foundation is very dry. It needs to be blended pretty quickly after applying it, before it dries and does not budge. It can be pretty hard to get used to at first, but once you've got it, its really good as it really doesn't budge. It leaves a lovely smooth, flawless finish, and lasts all day. I'd say that by late afternoon I could occassionally do with a few touch ups around my chin and nose, but that's it. Whether it lasts 25 hours is another story, and not really something I'm interested in finding out, but it definitely has the staying power that I require.

On the whole this is a really good foundation, and, although it may be a little dry for me, I have been really happy with it. It hasn't beaten my favourite Maybelline Foundation, but it has put up a good fight.

It would be interesting to know how this compares to the Revlon ColourStay Foundation, which is the next budget foundation on my list, as it would be a great, cheaper alternative.

Lots of Love


Ombre Nails LC Style...

Hey :)

So quite a lot of you have been blogging away about Lauren Conrads new blog style website, The Beauty Department which promises to update and give hints, tricks and tutorials about everything beauty.

I have to say - I love it! I have a major girl-crush on LC, and I love her effortless style.

The website design is really fresh, clean and sleek looking, and from what I can gather from the first few posts on there, it is going to be a firm favourite of mine.

One post that caught my eye was on Ombre Nails.

I really like the effect of this look, and will definitely be something I will be trying out. It would look great going from a nudey pink colour, to a really vibrant red for an evening, or a selection of pinks for a day time, girly look. I think I might try it, if I have enough of a colour range, with yellows, going from a really creamy lemon, to a bight yellow.

I'll let you know how it goes when I sort out all my colour groups :)

Have you seen Lauren Conrads new website yet? If not, click here and have a look around it.

What do you think?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The beginning of... dare I say it... Summer...

Dress £11.99 New Look
Cardigan £10 Tesco
Leggings £3 Primark
Nails, Nailease £5.99 Boots

Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer £12.99
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 100 Ivory £6.99
Prestige Gentle Finish Mineral Powder in 02 Light £9.99
Mac MSF in Comfort £20.50
Nars Blush in Orgasm £20.50
Ruby and Millie Face and Body Metal in Rose Gold £1.25
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in Black £5.29
17 Va Va Voom Volume Mascara in Black £6.29
Barry M Lip Paint in 146 £4.99
Ruby and Millie Lip Goss in Twlight 42 £1.25

Lots of Love


Monday, 18 April 2011

Superdrug Launch the Beauty Card...

Superdrug have announced they are to launch their very own Beauty Card on 11th May - very exciting news! I always get a bit stuck when choosing between Boots and Superdrug, what with both of them having fantastic deals, but Boots having that edge with the Advantage Card. Now we can get the best of both worlds - getting the best deal for specific products, but still getting the points from both stores.

Can't wait to sign up for mine :)

Lots of Love


Ruby and Millie + Barry M Haul


As most of you will now know, Ruby and Millie are discontinuing their make up line. I popped into boots the other day to make a dent in all the vouchers I was given for my birthday, and I noticed that they had a stand with ALL Ruby and Millie products for £2.50. I headed straight over to see what I could pick up, and got a few little things.

I used to use one of their foundations, so was hoping that I could grab a couple of those (as they are usually £16) but they unfortunately didn't have my shade.

When I got to the till to pay for everything, it turned out that all the products had been reduced AGAIN to £1.25, so I literally turned back around to grab some more things!

Apart from the foundation I mentioned above, I have never really used much Ruby and Millie, but for the price, I couldn't really go wrong!

Nail Colour, Blue 610C (RRP £10)
I thought this was a lovely summery colour to suit the weather we have been lucky enough to have recently

Pre Base Formula O (RRP £9.50)
Too fuel my ever growing obsession with primers

Lip Gloss in Pink 41 (top) and Twilight 42 (bottom) (RRP £11.50 each)

Face and Body Metal in Rose Gold (RRP £11.50)
I thought this would make a nice, cream eye shadow.

On the subject of the Face and Body Meta, it left me rather puzzled, and I was hoping that one of you would be able to help me. As I have said, I have never really used Ruby and Millie products, so I didn't really know what to expect. I bought this sealed, got it home and opened it to have a look -

The product seems so empty and almost as if it has already been used. I know this is very unlikely as it was sealed, but it is quite a big pot to have such a little amount of product in, and considering it is a face and body product, I expected there to be a little bit more. Either that or at least a smaller pot so that the product didn't get lost in it. Is this normal?

Anyway apart from that, I was really happy to get all of these products for £6.25 instead of £54!

The last thing I got was a bit of a change for me.

I never EVER where lipstick EVER, but I love the idea of wearing it, so I decided to push the boat out and get this Barry M one for £4.99 in shade 146. The colour is hardly backwards in coming forwards, so it is going to be a bit of a shock change for me to wear it, but the weather has inspired me to get a bit experimental with colour. I love it!

Once I have had chance to have a play with everything, I will let you know what I think.

Lots of Love


Friday, 15 April 2011

Nailease - The Instant Manicure Review...

A couple of months ago Big Fashionista posted a Nailease Review (click here to see the hilarious review) and every since then I have been dying to get my hands on a pack to try out.

So the pack promises that this is the instant manicure for girls on the go, perfect shiny nails, zero drying time and no smudges. sounds too good to be true right? So whats the catch?

The truth is, if there is a catch, I really cannot find it.

I went for a black with white spots pattern from Boots for £5.99.

Included in the pack are 20 nail strips, a nail buffer and a cuticle stick.

The pack goes through the 5 simple steps to take to getting lovely glossy nails. 

1. Select the size that fits your nail

2. Gently remove clear film from top of the nail sticker then gently remove the clear film from bottom of the nail sticker holding the silver strip. 

3. Hold the nail sticker by the silver strip and place the rounded side at nail base sticky side down. Note you can gentle pull off and reposition without damaging the strip.

4. Firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free. Note you can gentle stretch vertically and horizontally for a wrinkle free surface.

5. Fold the excess of the nail strip under the nail. Then gently file of the excess in a downward motion. 

So having read the instructions, I was worried. In my experience, when something sounds so simple, its never going to be as easy as expected. 

So I thought peeling off the clear film from the nail stickers would be my first issue. I HATE peeling off the film of double sided tape, and it always takes me ages. But it was great when they came off almost on their own, really easily. 

So far so good.

The next issue would be positioning it on my nail. I assumed that I had to get it right straight away, because even if I could peel it off and reposition if I went wrong, it would never sit right. Wrong again. The stickers are fairly ridget so the ends don't curl round and stick to itself, making it a really un-fiddly job, and if the positioning was slightly wrong, it was really easy to replace it.

So the main problem would definitely be when smoothing the surface of the nail out. It was going to have a rubbish finish by becoming all wrinkly and bumpy. Nope. all of the nails smoothed out perfectly, no ridges or kinks, just perfectly glossy nails.

Having cut and filed off the excess strips, I ended up with these beauties.

I really can't get over just how easy it was to apply these nails. And they look so good too!

The range of sizes available in the nail stickers is great and will fit most hands. 

There is a limited range available from boots for £5.99, but if you head over to the website, they have a larger range available, patterned, coloured and french manicure, for the same price.

I will certainly be using these regularly. I will be stocking up to take them on holiday to do around the pool. Really. That's how easy they are.

I love these, and really want EVERYONE to try them! Go on. Do it.

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My Birthday Week...

Last week was my BIRTHDAY!

I hate saying that I'm old, because I know I'm not, but I turned 21, and, to be honest, it freaked me out a bit!

I've had the most amazing week, so I just wanted to share some pictures with you that summerise it all.

So the weekend before my birthday, the lovely boy took me away to Northumberland. He told me that we were going camping a couple of months ago, but it turned out that he had booked us into the MOTHER of all B&B's - it was like a castle in the middle of nowhere, absolutely beautiful. We spent the weekend pottering around the local area, going to the beach, and just generally having a fabulous time together.

I really did have a perfect weekend, and it was so lovely to get to spend some quality time with the boy.

My actual birthday was on wednesday, and it was a really sunny day, so me and my housemates spent they day outside in the courtyard having a BBQ.

The boy made me the most beautiful cake in the world.

In the evening we hired a private karaoke booth for the night - we literally couldn't get the boys off it!

I was a very lucky girl when it came to presents from my housemates! They bought me some Appy Feet Vouchers (definite reviews to come!) a massage voucher, some tanning vouchers and lots of Soap and Glory Goodies (they know me too well). They then informed me that they were planning on getting me a Vajazzle - but couldn't find anywhere in Leeds that would do it (thank the lord!)

On thursday, friends from my hometown came for a night out, and treated me to a personalised bottle of champagne from Selfridges, some Nars blush and a trip on the London eye :)

On saturday, I went back to my hometown to visit my family. They all surprised me with a lovely meal (I thought I was going to pick up a take away, so went in what might as well have been my slippers!)

The boy made me ANOTHER cake!

And I was treated to some lovely Pandora Charms, a Creme Brulee set (my favourite!) vouchers, some lovely gifts from my Mum and Dads recent trip to Malta, a handbag and a weekend spa break! Eeeeek I'm getting excited just writing about it!

I had THE most AMAZING week, and I really can't believe how lucky I am to have the friends and family that I do. They all spoilt me rotten, and I love them all so so much!

Lots of Love