Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gosh Primer Review...

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About a month ago I was sent these two Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primers to try out and review, one being the original and one being the cream. They both come in 30ml bottles, and in my opinion, as is the same with all Gosh products, I think they look really good, sleek and of a good quality for a drugstore item. Having said that, at £12.99 a pop, I would say that it was very much on the high end of drugstore products, but still not overly expensive.

What do Gosh have to say?

'Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer is a perfect base for all makeup. It fills in fine lines and deep pores in the skin, creating a uniform, matt and silky soft surface, enabling the easy and smooth application of foundation.
The primer can be used after daily moisturiser or on clean skin. The formula is perfume and preservative free.'

If I am being perfectly honest, I have never been a big face primer user. When I have used them in the past, I've never really noticed any difference in the amount of time that my make up stayed on, which I thought was the main aim of a primer. I really wanted to give these primers a really good go, so have been using them every day religiously since I was sent them, and I can not believe how wrong I was. I don't think I could go a day without wearing this - there was an occasion last week where I had applied all make up, realised I had forgotten to put my primer on, so I took all of my make up off and started again.

The primer is amazing to apply. The original is so soft and velvety - almost to the point where you can't feel it. It feels so lovely on the skin. The cream version is quite a different consistancy, although has the same results as the original. If any of you have ever used the Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now, I would say that it is pf a similar consistancy to that - almost like quite a thick moisturiser, but too heavy to be a moisturiser. Both are equally as lovely as the other, but quite different at the same time.

Not only have I noticed a big improvement with my make up staying put all day long when I wear this, but I have also noticed other huge benefits. It makes applying my make up so much nicer and easier - it seems to go on smoother and blends really well. It glosses over any dry patches I may have and stops my foundation to caking up. It hides my pores, giving my skin a smoother finish. I love love love it and I am a total convert to this primer.

I would say that despite the higher price range for a drugstore product, this primer is well and truley worth it. It has opened my eyes to the world of primers, and they have both become a staple part of my make up routine. I am really keen to try out other primers now, but I have a funny feeling that I will be reaching for these bottles again and again.

They are available from Superdrug for £12.99.

Lots of Love


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