Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday Wish List - 26/01/2011

Hello Lovelies <3

When I was at school, I used to LOVE the website Rock 'N Rose, and I have just recently rediscovered it. It does lovely individual Jewellery. There are so many things that I want to order from there, but I absolutely LOVE this P.S. I Love You Envelope Necklace for £16.

How stunning is it? It is just so delicate and pretty. 

Some of you may have seen my recent ElF Haul, and although I bought so much, I have started my next shopping list (naughty Lola!) And on of the things on it are these two blushes for £3.50.

The top one is Pink Passion and the bottom one is Fuchsia Fusion. I am obsessed with blushers, and I have a huge collection of them, but I currently have no ELF blushes. These are from the studio range, but are still such good value! I love the soft pink colour of the top one, and the lower one looks as though it has a lovely shimmer to it. Has anyone tried any ELF blushers? What did you think of them?

I've read a lot of positive reviews about the next item, a Boots 17 Mascara, so I am quite keen to try it for myself. 

I am probably one of the fussiest people you will ever meet when it comes to mascara, so when I find one that suits me, I tend to stick to it. I don't think I have seen a bad review about this one, and for £6.29, I think I am willing to take a little risk and see what I think. It has a few colours to choose from aswell which I like. And as an added bonus boots has a 3 for 2 offer on selected 17 products at the moment :)

And last but by no means least a product that I am sure speaks for itself, as soooo many people are talking about it at the moment. 

Role on Saturday when this little beauty is available in store <3

Lots of Love 


Monday, 24 January 2011

Magpie Moment...

I found these little gems in Topshop today and couldn't resist.

They were in the sale and had a huggge £7.50 off EACH! I got them for £2.50 each, reduced from £10. I ADORE! Yeyy :)

I always find that Topshop have the most amazing jewellery sales and I always pick up so much in them! There was still loads left in my local topshop, and its only a little diddy one, so I was really impressed considering we're nearly in February now. I'm not doubt going to pop in again tomorrow to see what else I can steal before it all goes.

Lots of Love


ELF Haul

Hey :)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a massive splurge on the ELF website (it was around revision time, and I was really down in the dumps, so needed a pick me up!) I am so excited about all my lovely buys!

I got 3 nail varnishes from the sale of £1 each in Lilac, Desert Haze and Twinkle.

I really love these varnishes. I've never had an ELF nail varnish before, but I was really really impressed with how they went on. The top two are quite nutural colours, and I put 3 coats on to get the colour I wanted, but it really was a pleasure to do. I am soo fussy about nail varnishes, but I really love these ones, and will definitely be buying more. Although I got these in the sale, they are only £1.50 anyway - well, well worth it!

I then got 6 - yes 6, all over colour sticks. They were £1.50 each, and I really couldn't decide which colour I wanted so I got all of them... as you do.

From left to right in both pictures we have -

Spotlight, Warm Peach, Toasted, Persimmon, Lilac Petal and Pink Lemonaide.

I had seen mixed reviews about these, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I have to say I was impressed. They are really creamy, and blend really really well. They have a soft shimmer, but no too shimmery. I really love using them as a base on my cheeks. I can imagine I will really love them in summer when I don't want to wear much make up. I think they would go perfectly with some tinted moisturiser for a natural look. They are so light and creamy that you forget you have them on. I've also used Spotlight and Toasted to contour. Again for the price, they are a lovely little beauty to have in your make up collection.

I got the Make Up Mist and Set Spray.

I've found that this gives my face a real glow, which I love. It went on a lot wetter than I was expecting, but doesn't take long to dry at all. I haven't used it enough to know whether it really does make my make up stay longer, but it definitely gives me a dewy glow, which I like as it makes me look a bit more natural.

My next buy was the High Definition Powder. I have heard so many good reviews about it, I really couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I love it! It makes all my make up blend well, and kind of puts me into 'soft focus'.

I also saw Ms Budget Beauty (follow her on twitter here and take look at her blog here - a really great blogger and youtuber) that she applied it below the eye before applying shadow to catch any fall out, and it works really well!

My last two buys were the daily brush cleaner and brush shampoo. I haven't really used these yet, so I will no doubt do a seperate blog post on these. It has to be said, my brushes are in desperate need of a good old clean though!

So after all of that I am extremely happy with all of my buys - but I've already started a new ELF wishlist for me next haul! Oops!

Lots of Love


Saturday, 22 January 2011

This Weeks Bargain Buys...

Hey Lovelies!

Just a quick little post to show you a couple of bargains I've picked up this week.

First of all I got this lovely Mirror from boots. I've been looking to get a new cosmetic mirror for a while now, and spotting this in the clearance section of boots for £3.75. Yepp you read right 3.75! BARGAIN! Its such a good quality mirror, with a normal side and a magnified side. It has a pretty heavy base, and is not flimsey in the slightest. I was so pleased when I saw it!

My second bargain of the week is actually the pink crates that you can see in the background of the picture. I got these from wilkinsons and were only £1 each.

They are the ones that fold flat and are really diddy and cute, but are perfect to section my make up collection. Lovely :)

Lots of Love


Friday, 21 January 2011

Boots Essentials Cucumber 3-Minute Clay Mask

Hello Lovelies

The Boots Essentials Cucumber range is something that always brings a smile to my face. It was the first products I ever used when I started taking a little more care of my skin in my early teens, so just one sniff of anything from the range brings back lots of nice memories. I was talking to one of my friends (very young looking, might I add) Mum the other day, and she was telling me how she swears by this range, has always and will continue to always use it.

I decided to go along to Boots to see what the range had to offer these days. I found this yummy little treat, and for £2.03, definitly worth a try.

So what do Boots say?

'Boots Essentials Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask is all you need when you need a quick skin fix, it contains extract of cucumber to help gently soften and soothe.'

I used it yesterday for the first time. I first used St Ives Apricot Scrub (lush) all over my face and neck, followed by a good helping of the mask.

(sorry for the awful photo!)

I personally found it a perfect consistancy for a mask, not to water, but not so thick you feel as though you are suffocating your skin. It felt really cool and refreshing on my face, I really enjoyed having it on my face. It didn't set, which I kind of liked. When face masks set on my face, I don't really like the sensation and I almost feel as though they are drying my skin out more - although they are probably not!

After 3 minutes, I washed it off, and my skin felt fabulous! Really soft, mosturised, just really great!

So this was yesterday afternoon - all night at work I felt as if I was glowing. My skin feels nice a clear now, although I would probably say it was going back to normal. So although the results may not last, it was lovely while it did! The directions say to use 2 - 3 times a week, so I will continue to do so to see if there are any lasting improvements.

All in all, I would completely recommend this mask. Its quick, easy with relatively little fuss. My skin felt great last night, so I think it would definitely be something I would use before a night out.

Has anyone else tried anything in the cucumber range?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Ahhhh I'm back!

It feels like it has been SUCH a long time since I was last on here! All my exams are OVER thank the lord, so I now have all the time in the world to blog.

So I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a nice little new post and show you the things I am CRAVING this week.

I have already been and got denim, but I am still dying to get my hands on the other 3 as well - have you got any yet?

I really really want to try out this Love and Toast Lip Balm available from Asos. They have some gorgeous sounding flavours - Prickly Pear, Gin and Lime, Lemon Mint and Cherry Lemonaide. They are all in the sale at the moment for just £5.50 - could I justify them all?

This Paul and Joe Creamy Matte Foundation always catches my eye when I go onto the asos website, but I have never tried it. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I'm a sucker for pretty looking things :)

I ADORE! Although they may be a little festive, for an amazing £22.50 from office, I don't really think you can go wrong with these 'That Friday Feeling' black glitter shoes.

The Boy and I have been looking for our summer Holidays over the past couple of days and it has got me reallllly excited! I want sun and I want it NOW!

Lots of Love


Monday, 10 January 2011

My 6.30pm work face...

Yeyyy, don't we all love a good split shift :(. I figured that seen as I had shown you my morning make up, and I have washed and reapplied since then, I may as well show you my evening shift make up!
It's still pretty basic, and some of the products are the same, but I do like to make a little more effort in the evenings, mainly because I am on the bar rather than serving breakfast and cleaning rooms (this post really makes it sound like I hate my job, but I really do enjoy it - I always miss it when I go back to uni and don't do as many shifts!)

Anyhoo, I'll get some picture up for you. These pictures are all with the flash on which really washes me out, I'm sorry!

I primed my face with Benefit - Dr. Feelgood, and then mixed my Maybelline Dream MAtte Mousse and some Barbara Daly - Soft Focus which I think is exclusive to Tesco. I bought it the other day as they had a 3 for 2 offer so I had nothing to loose.

It's a lovely pink gold shimmery highlighter and illuminating base, and I bought it with the intention of using it for the later as I have sooo many highlighters. I have to say when I first used it, I wasn't impressed at all. I put some on my face just before foundation as a sort of primer base, but it didn't go very far, and almost left a sticky film over my face. I tried it again in this way with no luck, but I then tried mixing it with my foundation before applying, and it felt so much nicer, and gave my skin the dewy look I wanted. I put it with my Dream Matte Mousse, as although I really really love the foundation itself, I sometimes (your going to think I'm a bit of a fruit loop for saying this) don't want the matte finish it leaves. I know it sound rediculous as I am using a matte foundation so shouldn't expect anything else from it, but just adding a touch of this highlighter gives more of a glowing look, that I really like.

After that ramble! Everything else I am wearing -

Benefit Lemon Aid

Benefit Hoola

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish, Comfort

Mac Powder Blush, Light Wine

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Benefit Ooh La Lift - both under the eye and just under my brow

Urban Decay Naked Palette, Sin and Sidecar

Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner, Black

Max Factor False Lash Effect, Black

Definitely going for some zeds now, I feel like I've been up forever!

Heading back to uni tomorrow for a fun week of exams. I will be keeping up with twitter!/LolaRoseBeauty and hopefully on here as well, but I am sorry if I can't as much as I want to!

Lots of Love


Sunday, 9 January 2011

My 6.30am work face...

Hey Lovelies!

It's Sunday. I got in from work last night at 12.30am. Getting up at 6.30am this morning was did NOT go down well. Not with me, and definitely not with the boy. I thought I would show you some pictures of my 6.30 face. It's not a time of day that I spend a lot of time on my make up, but at the same time, it's always important to go into work looking as fresh faced as is possible at that time - I don't want to put people off their breakfast, I'm not going to lie!

No Flash

And with flash - it washes me out quite a lot!

Please don't take any notice of my hair - I hadn't got that far yet!

It is a really really basic look - as long as I looked like I enjoy getting up to work at 6.30am, I'm happy!

I am wearing -
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, 010 Ivory - I think this is a little light for me though, I LOVE the foundation, but will get it a shade darker next time.

Benefit Lemon aid

Benefit Hoola

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish, Comfort

Mac Matte Powder Blush, Frankly Scarlet

Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner, Black - Not sure which one as I love it and use it so much that the writing has worn away (perfect excuse for a new one!)

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, Black


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Benefit Bella Bamba...

Heyy :)

I was just having a little browse through some blogs and came across this little beauty in Peonies and Lilies blog - which by the way is a great read, go have a look! The blush, which is due out in February, is the latest in benefits boxed make up selection, and with its new and improved lid, and can't wait to try out this shimmer pink! From what I can gather, it seems to be a pinker version of Nars Orgasm, with more of a golden sheen.

I am so addicted to Benefit it is untrue!

What are your favourite Benefit products?

Lots of Love

Lola Rose...x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy Birthday Urban Decay...

I just recieved a very exciting email and I just had to pop it on here straight away!

So Urban Decay are celebrating their 15th Birthday, and as a result are bringing out some limited edition products, including this 15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set.

Picture recieved on an email from

I am so so SO excited about this set as I LOVE the Urban Decay Eyeliners. I can only see these available on the US website at the moment, although I may be wrong. On the website they say that the set has a total value of $264 which I have converted (so it may not be exact) to £169, and it is available for $92 which I have converted to £59.
Not cheap, but I for one think it is definitely worth it - can't WAIT!

Lots of Love

Lola Rose...x

E.L.F Brush Review...

Hello you lovely lot!

So as you may have seen from my Twitter, just before christmas I bought my first set of ELF brushes having heard such good things about them.

I bought mainly eye brushes as this is what I needed most, and I find it really hard to get good eye brushes.

The brushes came about a week after I ordered them, and usually this would annoy me, but I ordered them at around the time when the weather was effecting the post pretty badly, and the lovely people at ELF kindly sent me an email when I first ordered to let me know that delivery may take a little longer than I expected. So the fact that I got them before Christmas was a pleasent surprise, I'm not going to lie. They were packaged really well, and each individual brush was also packaged nicely, with descriptions for each brush of how to use them to their full potential.

So onto the brushes themselves.

First of all I got the Eye Shadow Brush.

What ELF say - 'Specially sheered brush tip absorbs the perfect amount of eye shadow and provides long lasting colour saturation. the comfort curved brush contours the eye with natural gliding strokes for easy and accurate eye shadow application.'

Before I used this brush, I thought it may be a little big and wide for my eye. But I was totally wrong, I am so impressed with it. It takes eye shadow really well and slicks it on so smoothly. It is great for putting on base colours, as well as blending. I really love this brush - it is one of my favourites of all of the ELF brushes I bought.

The next brush I bought was the Defining Eye Brush.

What ELF say - 'The velvety bristles contour in the crease of the eyelid or right underneath the brow bone for added colour.'

I've found I have been using this brush for a few different things. It is great to add highlight to under the brow, applying just enough and not over doing it, like I have found other brushes do. I also use it to add a darker colour under the eye as well as the the outer corners, to add definition to the eye. I like doing this last and not blending as much as the rest of the shadow, giving the eye more depth. A lovely brush, and although I would say it wasn't an essential, it's a really nice brush to add to the collection.

Next up is the Blending Eye Brush.

What ELF say - 'Expertly blends multiple eye shadows while softening dramatic edges and fine lines. Brush can also multi-task. Use it to set powder or liquid concealer.'

This brush is beautifully designed and does it's job perfectly. It is just the right size to blend eye shadow in jus the right way. I find that some brushes blend so much that the shadow all turns into one big muddy colour, but this blends but still keeps the different colours in the look.

Next is the Eye Crease Brush.

What ELF say - 'This domed bristle brush picks up a lot of eye colour and sweeps into the eyelid to creat bold definition. Blends and contours in the crease and corner of the eye. Great for smudging shadow into the lash line for a smoky effect.'

This is another brush that I have so many uses for. First of all I use it to add a darker shadow into the crease of my eye, making sure that you don't look like a clown with harsh lines, by adding and softly blending all at the same time. It is also a great brush to add lighter colours to the corner of the eye to open them up, as well as softly applying eye shadow to the bottom lash line.

Next I bought the Smudging Eye Sponge.

What ELF say - 'Create a dramatic, smokey eye look with this soft tapered applicator that blends liner and shadow prefectly.'

This was the brush that I was most excited to use. I have been using it to smudge eye liner on the top lashes to give an alternative look to my everyday black liquid eyeliner, as well as smudging on the lower lashes to give my evening eyes a smokey look. I love the brush and I love the idea of it and have used it a lot, however it hasn't been very kind to my skin, and I sometimes find that I have to use it quite hard to get the smudge effect that I want, leaving my sensitive eye skin quite sore and red - this however most probably has a lot to do with the make up I have been using and how blendable it is. I am going to use this smudger a little more before I make my mind up I think.

Next up is the Fan Brush.

What ELF say - 'Unique fan shape blends away makeup mistakes. Dust wipes and contours powders. Use to create a soft wash colour oever the cheeks to apply a touch of loose powder to cover shine, or as a blending aid.'

I have always wanted a fan brush as I think they are so pretty, but I have never bought one as I have never really been sure what I would use it for. I have found this brush really useful to remove eye shadow fall out, but not really for anything else. It picks up the eye shadow really well from the face without having to get the wipes out, but the I personally have found the brush itself too soft to use for any kind of powder application.

Last but not least we have the Total Face Brush.

What ELF say - 'Soft caressing facial bristles allow for soothing spplication of facial and bronzing powder and for quick full-face touch ups.'

This was the brush I was expecting the least from because, although I had heard really good things about the eye shadow brushes, I had heard mixed reviews about this one. Although I found that the brush did not pick up enough to use to apply powder as I like quite a full coverage, I've really enjoyed using it as a bronzer brush. The brush is so so soft, and applies the bronzer beautifully, but still lightly so that I don't have big lines across my face. Lovely.

The eye brushes were so lovely, and I have been using the daily since the day got them and will continue to do so. Although I didn't find the other two brushes as good, seen as all of the brushes are just £1.50, you can't really go wrong.

New love for ELF and I can't wait to try some of their other products!

Lots of Love

Lola Rose...x

2011 is the year I will...

Increase and my nail varnish collection and NOT loose any of them (suitable storage is a MUST)

Take full advantage of the beautiful camera I am lucky enough to have.

Save. Massively.

Sharpen up my nail art.

Continue to enjoy blogging, and really get my blog going throughout the year.

How are you going to make the most of 2011?

Lola Rose...x