Monday, 24 January 2011

Magpie Moment...

I found these little gems in Topshop today and couldn't resist.

They were in the sale and had a huggge £7.50 off EACH! I got them for £2.50 each, reduced from £10. I ADORE! Yeyy :)

I always find that Topshop have the most amazing jewellery sales and I always pick up so much in them! There was still loads left in my local topshop, and its only a little diddy one, so I was really impressed considering we're nearly in February now. I'm not doubt going to pop in again tomorrow to see what else I can steal before it all goes.

Lots of Love



  1. WOW! These are BEAUTIFUL! You have the fashion freak's approval ;)
    talking of the fashion freak, I wondered if you'd had a look at my giveaway yet?

    Oooh! And Miss Selfridge do great jewellery sales too :)

    Claire x

  2. Omg lucky girl, what a bargain you got there. They are gorgeous.

  3. Aren't they! There were loads more to choose from, but the boy was doing the heavy sigh, toe tapping, 'I am bored and waiting' thing so I didn't look properly!

    @thefashionfreak - I entered your comp yesterday :)