Monday, 24 January 2011

ELF Haul

Hey :)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a massive splurge on the ELF website (it was around revision time, and I was really down in the dumps, so needed a pick me up!) I am so excited about all my lovely buys!

I got 3 nail varnishes from the sale of £1 each in Lilac, Desert Haze and Twinkle.

I really love these varnishes. I've never had an ELF nail varnish before, but I was really really impressed with how they went on. The top two are quite nutural colours, and I put 3 coats on to get the colour I wanted, but it really was a pleasure to do. I am soo fussy about nail varnishes, but I really love these ones, and will definitely be buying more. Although I got these in the sale, they are only £1.50 anyway - well, well worth it!

I then got 6 - yes 6, all over colour sticks. They were £1.50 each, and I really couldn't decide which colour I wanted so I got all of them... as you do.

From left to right in both pictures we have -

Spotlight, Warm Peach, Toasted, Persimmon, Lilac Petal and Pink Lemonaide.

I had seen mixed reviews about these, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I have to say I was impressed. They are really creamy, and blend really really well. They have a soft shimmer, but no too shimmery. I really love using them as a base on my cheeks. I can imagine I will really love them in summer when I don't want to wear much make up. I think they would go perfectly with some tinted moisturiser for a natural look. They are so light and creamy that you forget you have them on. I've also used Spotlight and Toasted to contour. Again for the price, they are a lovely little beauty to have in your make up collection.

I got the Make Up Mist and Set Spray.

I've found that this gives my face a real glow, which I love. It went on a lot wetter than I was expecting, but doesn't take long to dry at all. I haven't used it enough to know whether it really does make my make up stay longer, but it definitely gives me a dewy glow, which I like as it makes me look a bit more natural.

My next buy was the High Definition Powder. I have heard so many good reviews about it, I really couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I love it! It makes all my make up blend well, and kind of puts me into 'soft focus'.

I also saw Ms Budget Beauty (follow her on twitter here and take look at her blog here - a really great blogger and youtuber) that she applied it below the eye before applying shadow to catch any fall out, and it works really well!

My last two buys were the daily brush cleaner and brush shampoo. I haven't really used these yet, so I will no doubt do a seperate blog post on these. It has to be said, my brushes are in desperate need of a good old clean though!

So after all of that I am extremely happy with all of my buys - but I've already started a new ELF wishlist for me next haul! Oops!

Lots of Love



  1. Love the colour of the nail varnish :)
    May have to try some of this e.l.f stuff out myself!

  2. You need to try it out - you won't look back promise :) xx