Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Clumber Park Hotel and Spa...

I have just had the most fabulous weekend with the boy at Clumber Park Hotel and Spa.

My lovely Mum and Dad bought me a Spa package there for us for my birthday. I've never really been on a Spa break before, so I was really excited.

The Clumber Park Hotel is hidden in Robin Hood country in Nottingham. Included in the deal was two treatments each, a nights stay as well as full use of the spa and gym facilities.

We both opted for head and shoulder massages, and back massages, which were amazing, and we spent the majority of our stay messing around in the pool area, in the out door jacuzzi, and the steam room and sauna. We had a bit of a session in the gym, much to the boys delight, although I have to say I did more messing than working out!

We had a fabulous meal in the evening, in the lovely relaxed restaurant, and the breakfast was ah-maze-ing.

We had such a good break. The staff were so so friendly, the food was yummy and the rooms were lovely.

The only thing that did put a bit of a downer on the weekend was after I chose to get my eyebrows waxed just as we we're about to leave to go home - it burnt my face and has left nasty scabs just below my eyebrows :( it didn't ruin my weekend at all, and I'm sure they will clear up in no time at all. I've had my eyebrows waxed so so much and this has never happened to me, I have to admit, it has put me off a little bit.

All in all it was a perfect weekend with a perfect boy!

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Back in my Day...

So I'm 21. I'm young, I've got the whole world at my feet, no commitments, free as a bird, no responsibilities. So it scared the life out of me last week when the words 'when I was that age' slipped out. Everyone will have the realisation that they are no longer as young as they think they are, so I'm sure a lot of you can imagine my sheer horror, but 21?! Really?! Should I not still BE that person that people are tutting over (although I still probably am).

I was reminded of this comment this morning while reading Makeup Majesty's lastest post on Justin Beibers new fragrance... for the ladies.

You can see all the pre teens running to the shop now, in the hope that buying this perfume will mean that 'Someday' that will be that blonde behind him, that no doubt has nearly 10 years on them. When I was that 8, 9, 10, 11, I was still stealing my mums perfume from her cupboard, not saving my £2 a week to buy my own.

Another example is Willow Smith. I new this girl was young, and I'm always shocked when I see pictures of her, or watch her performing, but until I was researching for this post, I didn't realise HOW young she was. 10. 10 YEARS OLD!? And its obvious from the picture above that she already has her popstar pout down to a tee.

Is it really healthy for young people to have role models, who are the same age, if not younger than them? Is it really right to make the younger generation think that looking like the likes of Willow Smith is normal?

Look at the track record of young stars - Britney being a prime example - is this really what we want our youngsters to be watching and looking up to?

Don't get me wrong, I was no angel in my teenage years. But as time goes on, children seem to be growing up a lot younger a lot quicker. And I for one find this very scary.

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer Review...

Collection 2000 has never been a brand that I instantly turn to when I pop to Boots. I always think of it as a brand made for a younger audience, who are just starting out with make up. But recently I have heard about so many products of theirs that I really want to try. One of them is the new cream lip products that they are bringing out next month, and another is the lasting perfection foundation that goes with this concealer. I was going to go for both last week when I bought this, as they are so cheap, but I've bought so many foundations recently, that I really want to get to the bottom of a few pots before I start buying more.

I am, however, in desperate need for a new concealer, and having seen so many good reviews, I went for this one.

I got it from superdrug for £4.99, which I didn't think was too bad anyway, but having tried it out, it is amazing value for money.

The applicatior is as standard, nothing much to talk about there really! The concealer itself is quite thick, but blends and smooths on so well, not cakey at all. I do think that if too much is used however, it may look too much, but if you take it easy, its a dream to apply. It is amazing for under my eyes - I would say better than my Benefit Lemon Aid, as well as being fabulous for any blemishes that I may have.

I am so so so happy with this concealer, and it has really changed my opinion of Collection 2000. I can't wait to try out the others things on my wishlist - and maybe a few more too ;)

Lots of Love



I found this on Blush Blend Beauty's Blog, and I thought it looked like a bit of fun :)

Age: 21

Bed Size: Double

Chore you Hate: Washing Up

Dogs: My Mum and Dad have a crazy dog called Poppy
Essential start of your day: A cold shower
Favourite Colour: It depends what its for, but I have adopted a colour I like to call 'Lola Green'

Gold or Silver: Probs Silver
Height: 5'6
Instruments I play: I used to play the Occorina.. ooooo!

Job Title: Bar Manager 

Kids: I want lots!
Live: Leeds/York
Mum's name: Andrea
Pet Peeve: People with no manners! THEY DON'T COST A THING!
Right or left handed: Left
Siblings: 2 Brothers
Time you wake up: 8.30 ish?
Underwear: Always!

Vegetables you dislike: CARROTS SHOULD BE BANNED! I hate everything about them!
What makes you run late: Usually getting distracted by the internet, and hair washing days!


X-rays you've had done: My back


Yummy food you make: Chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon - nom nom
Zoo animal: Elephants

Lots of Love


Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Summery...

Today is officially the first day of my summer - yeyy!

I finished my exams on friday. I'm not going to lie, they were awful. I had 5 on friday, one after the other after the other after the other, no break, no chance to breath, being escorted by my tutor from one room to another. The work wasn't that bad, but the it was so intense, by the end of it, I had to sit in a dark room for a couple of hours!

I did, however, celebrate in style on friday night (getting in at half 7 in the morning, ouch).

I spent saturday with the boy, which was really nice, just sat doing nothing with him but eating ice cream and watching films, and not having to feel guilty about not doing my work.

I think that the past two days have been quite productive - working, making appointments that needed to be done, sorting all my emails, and signing up to the gym - ergh! The boy is all into that kind of thing, he goes to the gym religiously everyday, so he has said he will help me out with a programme and help motivate me. Once I'm at the gym, I love it. Getting me there however, is a different matter.

I applied for a job working for a local wedding planner in my area. It would be great if I got the job, as it would be fabulous experience for me, what with me studying events management and all that.

I also took my godson to soft play, which I think I may have enjoyed more than he did, but it didn't half tire me out! He is the cutest little boy I have ever met, and I had such a good afternoon with him.

I have been enjoying the weekly twitter Bbloggers chats that Fee at Makeup Savvy. I unfortunately work on a sunday evening, so I can't take part in the which is a bit annoying, but I love reading through all the comments and posts that there are.

I have been enjoying Ms Reds Beauty Blog recently. It has a really great mix of things on there, pop over when you get time to have a peek. Shes a very lovely lady as well, so if you get chance to have a chat with her on twitter, do :)

Going away with the boy for a spa weekend, can't wait to spend some quality time with him.

Lots of Love


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review...

Ok so I caved in. Some of you may have read that I have been umming and arring over this foundation for ages now. So when I saw it in Tesco on offer the other day, I grabbed it. And it really didn't disappoint.

What do Bourjois say?

'Get 70% more radiance for up to 16hours. A flawless, luminous complexion for up to 16hrs. Fruit therapy for radiant boosted skin. Anti-dull complexion range'

So the thinking behind this foundation is the 'fruit therapy' behind it. They say that the ingredients include apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an antioxidant and ginger for energy.

So those of you that I have read my blog for a while will understand how important the smell of a product is to me. This smells Ah-Mazing-Ing. Its a really fruity smell in the bottle, but not so strong that you get a whiff of it all day.

The foundation itself is really really lovely. It feels quite light weight on the skin, blends really easily, and leaves a lovely dewy finish. It reminds me a lot of my favourite foundation, Maybelline Satin Finish, but I would say that the Maybelline has more of a fuller coverage, but this doesn't particularly make it better or worse for me.

The only thing I would say, which was the only reason why I haven't bought the Healthy Mix before now, is that I found all the shades were slightly too yellow for me. The Maybelline Satin Finish is the perfect colour for me, and I just didn't find this in the Bourjois range. I'm not sure whether this is the same for all of the foundation that Bourjois do, as I haven't used any others.

On the whole this is a great foundation, and one that I will definitely be using when I want more of a sheer foundation, especially through these summer months. The colour is not so yellow that I look silly, but it isn't as good a match as the Maybelline Satin Finish. Having said that, it would say that the Bourjois probably blends better than the Satin Finish, and the smell is definitely a winner for me.

The usual price for this is £9.99, but I think the offers is still on in Tesco Stores for £6.99.

Lots of Love


Friday, 20 May 2011

Targets for a fabulous summer...

So today is the day of my last exam of uni for the year. After this I have just one year left until I am let loose into the outside world. Eeeek!

I'm not going to lie, this is a scheduled post - I will no doubt currently (and hopefully) be celebrating finishing for the year in style, probably being carried from one pub to the other, before crawling into bed fully clothed with a false eye lash stuck to my face.

I always feel as though I don't make the most of my summer. I either waste it away saying I'll do something tomorrow and it never gets done, or I find that I'm working every hour that god sends to see me through my next year of uni, that I miss out on catching up with all my favourite people.

This year I really don't want this to happen. I've decided that, in order to focus my mind on what I want to do and what I want to get out of this summer, to set myself some targets.

Its all very well setting targets for myself, but what is going to make me fulfil them? I thought that by putting them on here, I'm sort of commiting myself to my readers and followers. I've also decided that I will do a monday round up of everything that I have been up to in that week. That gives me the opportunity to not only add another series to my blog in a style that I have never really tried before, but it also means that I will hopefully have a fabulous summer with lots of memories.

So what are my targets?

To get a second part time job
Although I said that I don't want to spend the whole of my summer working as much as I can, I do have to bare in mind that I do have another year of uni to pay for, and lets face it, to have a good time I need mulla! I do already have a part time job in a bar, where I have been given extrra hours for the summer, and I have also applied for a couple of others, so hopefully something will come of them

To catch up with old friends
So many of my friends are at university now or have full time jobs, that I find that I only see a couple of them on a regular basis now. Although, if I'm honest, I'm quite happy to see the back of some people I went to school with, it does make me said that I have completely lost touch with others.

To spend some quality time with the boy
The past year has been a hard year with the boy to say the least. The pressure of living away from each other, my study and his full time job has definitely put a strain on me. I still enjoy and love every minute I got to spend with him, but I have definitely felt a negative effect for not seeing him more than I have. This summer I really want to make the most of having me and him time alone. I love that boy more than I could ever tell you - we need to make the most of it while we can

To volunteer
Although I have done some volunteering this year while at uni, I haven't given as much time as I wanted to due to all the work I have had. I love volunteering, and having worked for a children's charity for a year myself, I understand how much volunteers are needed.

To spend lots of time on my blog
I want to really want to put some quality time and effort into my blog this summer, including weekly updates, new series and to carry on with some good quality posts.

To lead a healthier lifestyle
Not only do I want to concentrate on my diet, but I want to improve my lifestyle all around - for example going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, walking everywhere rather than driving, etc. I have an important year at uni coming up, and I want to start it with a healthy body and healthy, fresh mind.

To travel
Aswell as going on holiday with they boy (only a month to go eeek) I want to book some other holidays to try and see more of what the world has to offer. I'm not just talking holidays abroad, I want to go on day trips in my area, camping weekends away, a couple of days in a new city, anywhere and everywhere.

So there it is. My list of targets - rather longer than I thought it would be! Hopefully I will be able to fit all of this in!

Have you got any targets you would like to set yourself? How about you do a similar post and send me the link, I would love to see it!

Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm off to find another Gin and Tonic to celebrate.

Lots of Love


Thursday, 19 May 2011

NOTD Barry M Coral...

Whenever summer comes around (well I say summer, whats been going on the past few days with the rain?!) I always love to get my muched loved and well used Barry M Nail paints out. my last NOTD was the lovely lilac colour, and today I'm sporting the very different, very bright coral colour. Neither of the photos above (the top one taken with a flash and the bottom one in natural light) show it for its true colour, they are a lot more coral and less pink than they are in the pictures.

There will probably be more NOTD's coming up - I'm digging out my collection and trying them all out again to decided what I want to take on holiday.

I'm also considering buying the UV top coat and UV light that Gems Maquillage talks about in her videos, has anyone else tried this? What did you think? Would you say it was worth a try?

Lots of Love


New Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara Review...

I decided to take full advantage of my new Superdrug BeautyCard and buy the new Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara.

I'm a huge lover of the original False Lash Effect, I couldn't tell you how many tubes I have gone through, so I was really keen to try the latest version of it.

So what do Max Factor Say?

'Get set for the ultimate in lash glam. Max Factor introduces False Lash Effect Fusion; our first super-volumising and lengthening mascara in one.
False Lash Effect Fusion is the sister product to Max Factor’s award-winning False Lash Effect. It fuses the brand’s most celebrated and award winning IFX brush with an innovative fibre lengthening formula, which contains the nylon fibres found in real lash extensions along with lash plumping particles.
The breakthrough result is up to 2x* the volume and length for 100% lash glamour. It’s never been easier to create on-trend bold and glamorous eye looks.
*vs bare lashes'

***Be prepared for some awful close ups***

So I've got eyeliner on in this picture, but obviously no mascara.

To be honest, when I first applied it, I couldn't really tell the difference between this one and the original, but during the day, I noticed that my eyelashes were definitely longer than what they would usually be. I had the same effect as when I curl my eyelashes, but curlers had not been anywhere near my eyes all day.

I also felt that this mascara left my eyelashes more defined, yet still full of volume, unlike the other one that brought volume by the boat load, but could be a little clumpy at times.

The usual price of this mascara is £12.99, but I think it is on offer for £8.99 in both Boots and Superdrug at the moment.

Although the difference between the two mascaras is not massive, it is definitely there, and this one pips the other one to the post bringing both volume and length.

Have you tried it yet? Love or hate?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mac Surf Baby! My Paradise Cheek Powder...

Last week I got my lovely new MAC Purchase from the Surf Baby! Collection.

I went for the Cheek Powder in My Paradise.

On first inspection, I wasnt impressed with the packaging, but having got used to it now, I quite like it. The white casing has a slight sparkle to it, which is a bit different, and nice and summery.

The product itself looks beautiful, far to good to be touched! It has a lovely matte coral pink colour, and a bronze-green shimmer in the shape of a flower, just lovely.

When seperated, the bronze green shimmer is nothing more than that, and the matte coral colour is pretty, but nothing to shout about.

But mixed together, it really is a gorgeous colour, and something that I've not got or seen before I don't think. The coral pink colour is perfectly complimented by the shimmer. It looks a lot more green in the flesh, and although it looks a bit scary in the pan, its really not scary at all, its a really lovely subtle shimmer.

I think this would be perfect for a day when you don't want to wear a lot of make up, and you just want to look really natural and glowing - I guess fitting into the Surf Baby! theme really well. I really love it, and will definitely be making the most of it if the sun shine ever decides to make an appearance again!

I got this for £19 from the Mac website, and I believe that it sold out in a lot of places now, but keep your eyes open as I may be wrong.

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat Review...


We have a lovely shop in York called Zest that sells discounted perfume and beauty products. I'm often found in there looking for a bargain, and the other day I came across this Sally Hansen topcoat for just £2.50 - I think its currently also available in Boots for £6.08. As well as that, I also got a free clear Insta-Dri Colour with it aswell, so all in all, rather a good bargain. The topcoat worked really well - drying my nail varnish in just 30 seconds as it promises on the packet. I tend to do my nails just before bed, so I often end up with smudged, matted nails from where they have stuck to the sheets, but after using this, I woke up with lovely, glossy nails. I don't know whether my nail varnish lasted any longer than it would usually really - probably about the same, but I was really impressed with the speed of drying.

Lovely little product - and my first Sally Hansen. They are currently on offer in boots, so I may have a little peek to see what else is on offer. I've heard a lot of good things about the Diamond Shine - have any of you tried it?

Lots of Love


Monday, 16 May 2011

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Review...

A couple of weeks ago you may recall me doing a review on the Milk_Shake Glistening Argan Oil that I got in my local salon.

While browsing in Boots just after doing the review, I decided to buy the Lee Stafford Argan Oil for £11.99 for 50ml. I figured that it was slightly cheaper than the Milk_Shake Argan Oil and would be easier to get my hands on as and when I needed it. Added to this, over the past few months I have become obsessed with buying and trying out new haircare products to make sure my hair is in top condition for the summer, and it was something I had been eyeing up to try for quite a long time.

What does Lee Stafford have to say?

'Lee Stafford Argan Oil is a light weight oil treatment for all hair types, the morrocan oil will enrich and nurture natural shine for the smoothest, silkiest, healthiest hair yet.'

I have to say, I am in love with this product.

I thought the Milk_Shake Oil was good, but I think this one has pipped it to the post. It makes my hair so so soft and shiney, I can't stop feeling my hair, and I've had so many compliments.

It doesn't leave anything in my hair what so ever, doesn't make it go greasey any quicker, and it halves the time of drying my hair.

It smells amazing (you know how much I like a good smell), a really soft smell thats not too strong but lasts in the hair until the next time its washed.

I really love this product, and since buying it, I have completely forgotten about my salon bought Milk_Shake Oil. It really does feel like it is doing my bleached hair a lot of goos, and it will most certainly be a staple in my holiday bag!

Have you tried any hair oils that you would recommend to me?

Lots of Love


NOTD - Barry M Berry...

My new favourite shade <3
Barry M Berry - they are currrently on offer in Superdrug - 2 Barry M Nail Paints for £4.99

Talking of Superdrug - have you all managed to get your new beautycards?


Monday, 9 May 2011

BaByliss Curling Wand...


Just wanted to do a quick little post to tell you how much I LOVE my new BaByliss Curling Wand.

Its not the best picture of me in the world, but its the best I could get in the car at the time. This was yesterday morning and the first time I had used my new Curling Wand (I got it from eBay for a bargain price of £15 new after I had seen Gemma talking about them lots) and was already impressed with them. My hair is so thick and so so straight naturally, that no tongs or straighteners that I have tried have ever curled my hair as successfully as this did.

The best bit is still to come - it lasted like this ALL DAY! A full days shopping followed by work until 11.30pm, and all I needed to tweek were the pins holding my fringe up.

There are so good that my hair was still fairly tidy when I woke up this morning having not washed or brushed the curls out.

But oh no, thats still not the best bit...

I USED NO HAIRSPRAY. NOT ONE BIT. I curled my hair, pinned and left the house.


Enough said.