Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Back in my Day...

So I'm 21. I'm young, I've got the whole world at my feet, no commitments, free as a bird, no responsibilities. So it scared the life out of me last week when the words 'when I was that age' slipped out. Everyone will have the realisation that they are no longer as young as they think they are, so I'm sure a lot of you can imagine my sheer horror, but 21?! Really?! Should I not still BE that person that people are tutting over (although I still probably am).

I was reminded of this comment this morning while reading Makeup Majesty's lastest post on Justin Beibers new fragrance... for the ladies.

You can see all the pre teens running to the shop now, in the hope that buying this perfume will mean that 'Someday' that will be that blonde behind him, that no doubt has nearly 10 years on them. When I was that 8, 9, 10, 11, I was still stealing my mums perfume from her cupboard, not saving my £2 a week to buy my own.

Another example is Willow Smith. I new this girl was young, and I'm always shocked when I see pictures of her, or watch her performing, but until I was researching for this post, I didn't realise HOW young she was. 10. 10 YEARS OLD!? And its obvious from the picture above that she already has her popstar pout down to a tee.

Is it really healthy for young people to have role models, who are the same age, if not younger than them? Is it really right to make the younger generation think that looking like the likes of Willow Smith is normal?

Look at the track record of young stars - Britney being a prime example - is this really what we want our youngsters to be watching and looking up to?

Don't get me wrong, I was no angel in my teenage years. But as time goes on, children seem to be growing up a lot younger a lot quicker. And I for one find this very scary.

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  1. wow, totally feel the same doll! i'm only 25 and when I utter the words "when I was in high school..." it seems like an eternity ago! hate it, but at least we are still pretty young =)