Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer Review...

Collection 2000 has never been a brand that I instantly turn to when I pop to Boots. I always think of it as a brand made for a younger audience, who are just starting out with make up. But recently I have heard about so many products of theirs that I really want to try. One of them is the new cream lip products that they are bringing out next month, and another is the lasting perfection foundation that goes with this concealer. I was going to go for both last week when I bought this, as they are so cheap, but I've bought so many foundations recently, that I really want to get to the bottom of a few pots before I start buying more.

I am, however, in desperate need for a new concealer, and having seen so many good reviews, I went for this one.

I got it from superdrug for £4.99, which I didn't think was too bad anyway, but having tried it out, it is amazing value for money.

The applicatior is as standard, nothing much to talk about there really! The concealer itself is quite thick, but blends and smooths on so well, not cakey at all. I do think that if too much is used however, it may look too much, but if you take it easy, its a dream to apply. It is amazing for under my eyes - I would say better than my Benefit Lemon Aid, as well as being fabulous for any blemishes that I may have.

I am so so so happy with this concealer, and it has really changed my opinion of Collection 2000. I can't wait to try out the others things on my wishlist - and maybe a few more too ;)

Lots of Love


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  1. Great i have been looking for a new everyday concealer and foundation thats cheap and good value!