Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mac Surf Baby! My Paradise Cheek Powder...

Last week I got my lovely new MAC Purchase from the Surf Baby! Collection.

I went for the Cheek Powder in My Paradise.

On first inspection, I wasnt impressed with the packaging, but having got used to it now, I quite like it. The white casing has a slight sparkle to it, which is a bit different, and nice and summery.

The product itself looks beautiful, far to good to be touched! It has a lovely matte coral pink colour, and a bronze-green shimmer in the shape of a flower, just lovely.

When seperated, the bronze green shimmer is nothing more than that, and the matte coral colour is pretty, but nothing to shout about.

But mixed together, it really is a gorgeous colour, and something that I've not got or seen before I don't think. The coral pink colour is perfectly complimented by the shimmer. It looks a lot more green in the flesh, and although it looks a bit scary in the pan, its really not scary at all, its a really lovely subtle shimmer.

I think this would be perfect for a day when you don't want to wear a lot of make up, and you just want to look really natural and glowing - I guess fitting into the Surf Baby! theme really well. I really love it, and will definitely be making the most of it if the sun shine ever decides to make an appearance again!

I got this for £19 from the Mac website, and I believe that it sold out in a lot of places now, but keep your eyes open as I may be wrong.

Lots of Love


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