Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - Nearly 2 Months On...

Hey Lovelies

So I just wanted to give you an update after nearly 2 months of using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment.

I have kind of developed a love/hate relationship with this product. If I'm having a good day, I've woken up on time, I've got plenty of time to have a really good hair day, styling well, getting my barnet looking lovely then this product is so fabulous and really makes your hair feel beautifully conditioned, sleek and smooth. However if the morning isn't going quite so well, and its a simple wash and blast dry day, to be the product is wasted, and in some respects kind of makes the situation worse and my hair seems to be really elastic and stringy. On days like this, I now tend to not use it, which I know probably defeats to whole purpose of the product, but if I can't see and feel a difference, I feel like I am wasting my money. When I am having a good day however, I truely have never felt my hair in a better condition.

Have I seen a visable difference in length? The short answer is no. I know that my hair grows, due to my roots (ergh) by most of my problem lies further down my hair. Due to the fact I bleach my har (I hate saying that out loud) my hair tends to snap at the ends. Although I haven't seen any evidence of it growing, I have had a lot LOT less fall out which I love, and my hair does feel stronger. I'm not stupid, and it would be silly of me to expect this to work amazingly after everything I put my hair through, so I am willing to sit it out and wait to see if, in the long run, it really does help. I have tried to stop straightening my hair (mostly helped by my GHD's been misplaced somewhere between Leeds, Sheffield and York) and I try and leave my hair to dry naturally when I can, so fingers and toes crossed, I'm on the right road!

On the whole this is a GOOD Hair treatment, and I will continue to buy it, and I do recommend it if you have similar problems to me. I would say if you are wanting something similar to a deep conditioner, this isn't the one for you, but if your hair falls out in clumps and you are willing to put the time and effort in to help it along, it is well worth it.

Lots of Love


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