Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wednesday Wishlist - 2nd February 2011

Hello lovlies :)

A little update from last weeks Wishlist - I had a big boots haul today, and one thing I bought was the 17 Va Va Voom mascara that I mentioned. I will do a big haul post tomorrow and show you everything else, as well as doing a review on it in a couple of weeks time.

So what on my wishlist this week?

Fiorelli Astor Flapover Clutch - £45

I feel in love as soon as I saw this bag. How amazingly beautiful is it? It gives a sexy twist to your average black clutch. And I imagine it would be so versatile - perfect for a night out with the girls, dinner with the boy, or a family gathering.


Paperself Paper Lashes, Peacock - £12

When I was browsing around Asos, I found these unusual looking eyelashes. They have them in serveral different designs, as well as having individual lashes as well. I'm not sure whether they would ever be an essential in my make up bag, but they look like they would be great fun to try and experiment with!

Dainty Doll Wonderbalm - £20.50

I love the look of this Wonderbalm. When I was in Harrods a couple of months ago, I had a look at the Dainty Doll collection - but not really expecting to find anything as I didn't think it was suitable for me. But I saw this and really loved the look of it. I didn't buy it but I really wish I had! Its a multi purpose product that can be used to everywhere - almost like Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. I'm not too sure how it compares to the 8 hour cream, but I would really love to have a play with it.

The last thing on my wish list is kind of a strange one - this week I really wish I was brunette!

So I used to have dark hair for a few years, but I now have really light blonde hair. I really love my blond locks, and it has taken me so long to get it to this colour, as I had to do it gradually due to how dark my hair was. But its getting really hard to maintain, as I don't like to colour it myself when it is blonde, and as a poor student, it is really hard to part with the substantial amount of money it costs to look after. If I went back to being darker, even if it was just for a couple of years, I would feel a lot more comfortable dying it myself, and would be a lot easier to maintain.

But having said all of that - I'm not sure I could do it to my lovely blondness... Hmmm we shall see!

Lots of Love


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