Thursday, 17 February 2011

Oh hello strangers! Lets start off with a lovely big haul!

I'm sorry. I am so so sorry. Its been 2 weeks and I am getting major major withdrawals!

I've had a pretty rubbish couple of weeks to put it nicely, and although this is no excuse to not keep up with my blog, I've been pretty down in the dumps. I've attempted a couple of posts, but my bad bad week has definitely reflected in the post, and this is not fair on my lovely readers!

So here I am, feeling a lot better, a lot happier, and with a great big whacking haul to share with you all :)

So a couple of weeks ago, the lovely Welsh Beauty Blog had a blog sale, and I literally could have bought everything from it! I decided to limit myself to these three little gems. 

I got the Revlon Photo Ready foundation in Shell. I hadn't tried the foundation before, but I've heard so many good reviews about it, I couldn't resist. The colour is probably a bit pale for me, but mixed with a little tinted moisturiser, it fits be just fine! I haven't used this foundation enough to give a ful review, but so far, so very very good. The consistancy is lovely - I think I'm going to really enjoy using this. 

As with the foundation, I have never actually used Dallas before, but being a life long Benefit fan, I knew you could never go wrong with one of their boxed blushes. I have been using this almost every day since I got it. It is a lovely deep colour, but not so dark that it doesn't suit my fairly pale skin tone. It is really suitable - but I've found that nothing else is needed with it. I absolutely love it, and is unlike any colour I have had before - which is saying something taking into consideration my unhealthy cheek colour obsession!

The third item I got was the Mac Eye Duel Minerlize eyeshadows in Engaging. This is another item that I have used almost every day since I recieved it. They are such pretty colours, really really great for a lovely day time look. They are great on their own, as well as with other colours, and I've found myself reaching for them again and again.

When I first saw them together, I didn't think they particularly went together, but they really complement each other really well.

I must also say that the whole service was perfect. The invoice came to me pretty much straight away and the delivery was fast. Everything was packaged beautifully and you could tell that a lot of care and attention had been given to each item. I think in total I paid £18 including postage, which, considering there is so much product left in the items, is a bargain. I highly recommend you go have a look at Welsh Beauty Blog - it's fabulous!

I've been looking for another tinted moisturiser for a while now, so when having a look at the AMAZING sight Cheap Smells, I found this Stila one in Medium 01 for just £4.95. I think these might retail at about £17, so I was very impressed with finding this. As tinted moisturisers go, this is probably thicker than ones I have used before, which suits me down to the ground as I prefer a good coverage. But although it is thicker, it still doesn't feel like I'm clogging up my face, and it's really great to wear around the house, or on a day when I don't feel I need to make much effort. I love wearing it with a bit of cream blush, mascara, and some clear gloss. Understated but pretty.

So Boots have an offer on at the moment where it is 3 for 2 on 17 products, as well as the offer of the new 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer coming free with the Photo Flawless Foundation. So out of the 4 items I bought, I got 2 free - very happy bunny!

I have mentioned the Mascara in a Wednesday Wish List before, so I was really happy to have a try of it. It really didn't disappoint - it is AMAZING! I'm so fussy with Mascara's, but I have been using this one religiously everyday. It lengthens, volumizes, you can build it up for day time and night time looks - it literally ticks all my boxes and I certainly be repurchasng. I can't recommend it enough. I think this retails at around £6.99

The Primer is great - really velvety and silky smooth, giving a great base for my make up. My only niggle is the size - although I got it free this time, I think it retails at around £4.50 - and it's only a tiny 15ml tube. I feel that this lets it down some what.

On the the blusher, which I think is really lovely for the price! The lighter colour can be used as a great highlighter, and the darker can be used to give a more intense colour. But I much prefer to mix the two together - as you can see in the bottom picture - as it gives a really sheen and brightness to the face. This retails at around £3.49

I like the foundation - it gives a lovely finish and, with the primer lasts all day. I do, however, have a big issue with this foundation. When shopping in boots that day, it was during my break and I was in a hurry, so i picked up everything tested very quickly, and went on my way. When I got home and after closer in spection, I thought that I had picked up the wrong foundation colour as it was so so dark. But I hadn't. The colour I picked up was Fair, and I have been back in to Boots since to check this, and it wasn't a mistake.

Although the lighting in the picture above is a little bright, it gives you a better idea. So on the left is the 17 Photo Flawless Foundation in Fair, and on the right is Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in Sand 030, which I would consider to be the best matching foundation I have found for my skin tone. I by no means have light skin, but I would describe myself as fitting in the middle of Light and Medium skin - the 17 Photo Flawless Foundation is far to dark for me. I love the foundation for all the other reasons, and it could be something I could maybe take on holiday with me, or mix with another foundation - but I found the whole situation really odd. Have any of you tried it? What did you think? Is it just me?

The next think I have bought is the Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation in Sand 030. I wanted to try this as my friend has been raving about it, and my favourite favourite foundation, as I mentioned earlier, is the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation, for the colour, the texture, everything, so I was excited to see if this one impressed me just as much. I was a little disappointed in this one. I don't feel that the coverage is as good as the satin version, it doesn't sit very well on my skin, and I don't feel like it lasts. I would maybe use it as a base for another foundation - but I think that would be about it. I'm really disappointed - I wanted to like it sooo much as I love Maybelline, but its just not for me. This retails at around £8.99.

This is one of my most exciting purchases! I got this blush and eyeshadow from TKMaxx for £5.99, with the retail price being £19. I LOVE everything about it, the colour, the shimmer, the way you can build it from being quite sheer, to being a fabulous night time blush its just lovely. I love the packaging - EVERYTHING! It is really quite pigmented, but if applied with a light fan brush, it gives my face a lovely finish.

The last thing on my very long list is this little Topshop Beaut. I have been dying to get this for ages, and I finally did. It is the cream blush in flush. I decided to go with this one instead of the ever so popular Neon Rose, and I found this shade to be a little more pinker and in my opinion pretty, as well as suiting my skin tone a little better. I love how soft and creamy the formulation of this is, unlike other cream blushes which can be a little sticky for me (I'm looking at you Mac!)

I'd loved to hear what I have missed over the past couple of weeks - let me know!

Lots of Love



  1. i swatched the 17 foundation in boots yesterday and was shocked at how dark "fair" is. it looked even darker than some medium shades to me

  2. The foundation was too dark for me as well! I think 17 have made a huge mistake here. It's good to mix it with moisturiser to make it lighter and give lighter coverage as well, turns it into a bit of a tinted moisturiser, which I prefer anyway!