Tuesday, 21 December 2010

NOTD: George at Asda Quick Dry Nail Varnish

Ok so before I talk about the nail varnish, I just wanted to get a little excited with you! I've bought so many lovely things online and I can't WAIT for them all to come through! I've got a couple of Mac Blushers coming, Benefit Bronzer, and - one that I am VERY excited about - a nig order of ELF brushes. Stupid me though, ordering them jsut before christmas with weather like this - I hope they come SOOON!

So onto the nail varnish! The first thing that attracted me to this was the colour, Sunset Orange. I've never seen one quite like it anywhere else. It's such a nice creamy orange colour I just couldn't resist! And with it being under £2, it was definitly worth slipping in with the shopping.

I have never tried a George nail varnish before, or any of their make up products for that matter, so I was excited to see how it would turn out.

When I put the first layer on, I instantly noticed how thick it was, and I found it really hard to get the right consistancy. As a result, it came out really streaky, and almost had a matte finish to it, which didn't impress me. It did however dry very quickly, meaning I could get on with the second coat, and although this went on a little easier, I still didn't find it as easy as a lot of others.

However having left it for a while now, the second layer doesn't seem to have dried in such a matte way, and I actually quite like the finished result.

I don't think I'm going to keep it on, simply because it isn't a very festive colour and I bought a pillar box red (will be blogging about it tomorrow) to see me through christmas, but none the less, I won't be putting it to the back of my draw and forgetting about it.

I think that with a bit of time and effort getting used to it, this nail varnish is ok for the price. But definitely not one to dig out if your in a hurry.

Lola Rose...x

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