Sunday, 19 December 2010

Me Me Me...

I must tell you about this Me Me Me... Blusher that I recently purchased. It is called blush me! and I bought it in pink, however there is a coral colour available as well as more of a bronzer too.

I have been a loyal fan of my mac mineralize blusher in Gleeful that I have been wearing for over a year now, and although it is still safely tucked away in my make up bag, I was on the look out for more of a day time blush that wasn't as dark.

I've often looked at the Me Me Me... counter at my local Superdrug but never really delved in.

I was a little apprehensive about the blusher at first, as the packaging seemed to be a copycat version of the Benefit blushers, and I couldn't see how it could compete, but the colour was exactly what I was looking for - a bright but still quite sheer baby pink, that I thought would be perfect for a day time 'girl next door' look.

The blusher is a lot lot better than I expected it to be, and I have worn it most days since it was bought. It is a very buildable product, although it is quite sheer, so I've found that I have been applying quite alot of it to get the look I want. It comes complete with a brush - which I was very impressed with and have continued to apply the make up with. I often find that brushes that come with products just don't meet my needs, and I end up throwing them away and using my own.

I will definitly be having a good rummage through the Me Me Me... counter everytime I go into superdrug now, as I have been so impressed with this purchase.

Lola Rose...x

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