Saturday, 18 December 2010

Make up with Benefit...

 I recently had a wee bit of a Benefit haul, which included "Hello Flawless!", Lemon Aid and Ooh La Lift. I also ordered Hoola, but I'm still waiting for that to come from - fingers and toes crossed that it's before christmas, I'm in much need of a matte bronzer fix! 

So having had a dabble with the other three over the past few weeks, I couldn't wait for Hoola to come any longer and wanted to share my thoughts.

I have been a fan of benefit for many years, and not only do I love the quality of their products, but I also ADORE the attention to detail they give, from the unusually quirky names, to the thoughtful, flattering product descriptions.

Before even trying the product, the "Hello Flawless!" packaging is very pleasing on the eye, as is with all benefit products. I went for the "Me, vain?" Champagne colour, but was impressed with the amount of shades that were available.

The powder itself is such a pleasure to apply - it has a really creamy texture and almost melts into my skin, blending perfectly.

However my favourite thing about this powder is how versatile it is. I've been searching for a powder that can take me from day to night for a while now. Something that is light enough for me to wear during the day, but something that I can also build up to give me more coverage. I have finally found the product that does all of this. Included with the powder is not only a brush, that allows me to apply a light, even dusting across my face, but also a good quality sponge, which is perfect for building the coverage up. The powder doesn't become cakey, which more often than not becomes an issue when wearing some powders, and it is so easy to build up, especially across my problem areas such as my nose.

"Hello Flawless!" was everything I was hoping for and more. I would highly recommend this to anyone of any skin type, and it will definitely be a permanent fixture in my make up bag.

I was recommended Lemon Aid by a friend who swears by it. I have never found a concealer that has ticked all the boxes, so I decided to give it a go.

The pot was smaller than what I was expecting, however it is great to pop in my bag and touch up throughout the day. The product describes itself as a 'colour correcting eyelid primer', and is very creamy. After experimenting with it over the past week, I've been impressed. Not a lot needs to be applied to the top of the lids - I think that despite its small size it would last for a while, and although it doesn't spread very far, it does conceal dark areas surprisingly well.

It works as a primer, but I think using it as a concealer is a lot more effective.
I've also found it really good for putting under the eyes and on patchy areas of skin before applying foundation, to give a really even complexion.

Ooh La Lift is an eye birghtener, and boy does it brighten! Not to be confused with a concealer, when I put it under my eyes, really brightened my eyes and made me look more fresh faced and wide awake. I also LOVE using it along my brow as a highlighter.
The texture isn't thick and gloopy as I expected it to be - although I'm not too sure why I expected this! It is light, and when I put it under my eyes, it blended in really easily and didn't feel like I had anything there at all!

A product that is great for tired eyes, and a real pleasure to use!

I'll get back to you with my Hoola review as soon as it comes - exciteddd :)

Hope the Christmas planning is going well...

Lola Rose...x

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