Thursday, 23 December 2010

NOTD - Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry, No. 29 Big Hair

Hey :) So this is more than likely going to be my last post before christmas as I am working all day tomorrow, so I had to get the old red nail varnish post in!

I got this Collection 2000 varnish from Asda, it is number 29 - Big Hair.

I've had a few of the Hot Look Fast Dry varnishes before, and I do quite like them. The brush is nice and thick so applying it was easy, although I felt like it needed a few coats, especially as the second one didn't really make any colour difference from the first one.

The colour in the picture above looks like it has pink tones in it, when in actual fact the varnish is more orange based.

I was not very happy today. I went into a little shop near me, that sells random reduced price make up brands, and found a really nice red glitter that would have gone over the top of this. As you will have seen in my previous blog posts, I have been looking for a red glitter varnish for christmas for the past month, with no luck. The red glitter I found was a BARGAIN at £1.50, but I stupidly left the house without my purse, so I couldn't get it :( Nevermind, there's always next year!

I'm half way through my wrapping now - it looks like santa's grotto in here - so I will carry on with it before I fall asleep with tape stuck to me!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and will speak to you all soon :)

All my love

Lola Rose...x

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