Friday, 11 March 2011

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Week 2 Review...


So for those of you that read my week 1 review (you can read it here, and see the first post here) you will know that I have so far not been too impressed with the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. This has ALL changed this week. I don't know if it is because I am getting used to using it now, or whether its because I am giving my hair a little bit more attention - I have no idea - but this week I have absolutely LOVED using it.

I must point out that I have been using a couple of different products, which I will talk about in a minute, but my hair has never felt better. It feels so soft and shiny and in really good condition. I've even had a few people comment on how good it is looking at the moment, which is great!

So these are the two different products that I have been using this week.

They are the Clairol Nice 'N Easy Colour Seal Gloss and the Lee Stafford Bling 4 Blondes Glossing Glimmer Serum.

I've had these products for a while now, and it's really important that I tell you that, although I get great results with these products, it has never been as good as it has been while I have been using them with the hair growth treatment, which indicates that the treatment is doing a lot of good to my hair, and these products are enhancing that.

The Colour Seal Gloss is one of my favourite conditioners. I used to come with the hair dye when I dyed my own hair, and I can definitely remember these being sold on their own at one point, but I can never find them anymore, which is really annoying seen as I don't dye my own hair anymore!

The Glossing Glimmer Serum is fabulous, I love it, although do be careful to wash your hands after applying it, as they do get a little shimmery to say the least!

The Hair Growth Treatment has really impressed me this week, I am really starting to enjoy using it. I am still applying it with every wash, and their are still no obvious signs of growth, but definite signs of my hair becoming stronger. Yey!

Lots of Love


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  1. I love reading about your experience, its something Ive wanted to try :) yay for stronger hair!! Good luck xx