Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Blog Post of the Week 01/03/11...

Hello Lovelies,

My favourite blogpost this week has been from Kellie, of Big Fashionista.

She has written a wonderful post on Fallan Idols, and when I was reading it, it was like she was reading my mind.

Why is it that the younger generation today (and I am probably including myself in that to some degree) see role models as the latest WAG, or the most recent winner of a reality contest, where as if the question of role models was asked 20 years ago, it was an award winning writer, or an inspirational teacher.

It seems sad that nowadays, it is widely thought that just because someone can eat a kangaroo's willy, they are deemed the 'nations sweetheart'.

Anyway don't read it from me, go over now and read what Kellie has to say, by clicking here.

Kellie's blog is definitely one of my favourite (I would go as far to say my top favourite... if that makes sense?!) blogs - she has a perfect of everything I want from a blog. The one thing I like most about it is how honest she is. Go and have a good old dig about and see what fabulous posts you find.

Lots of Love


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